The Next Era Of Concept Aviation Has Arrived

The year was 2002 and team MoTIS started the long journey into the world of neo concept aviation! During that time the world of Microsoft flight simulation created created neo concept projects and products in super scarce quantities and they were classified as pure "FANTASY" and were relegated to first start up designs, for new developers, striving to hone their design skills for the design of the great real world things that we see in the air!

In an arena where no one in this genre took concept design serious, team MoTIS has made an incredible design achievement by inspiring continued interest and creating the first true commercial market niche!

For the past six years team MoTIS opened up the door to the the next and exciting era of MS neo concept aircraft design! With in the Microsoft flight simulation development genre, this field has always taken a second place to the wonderful X-Plane development mission and the design of real world aircraft. At its core mission X-Plane has always been about designing the next generation of flight and concept design was always a part of its base mission, but neo concept design was never really a MS flight simulation development thing! Then team MoTIS showed up on the scene and things began to change. Team MoTIS has designed over 100 new and never before seen neo concept aircraft to data starting from September, 10 2002 and has sparked an interest in the MS flight sim development genre in taking this area of flight simulation aircraft development serious. While many have tried to state and claim that they and their work has been inspired by TV shows and other sources, why has this form of aircraft development all of a sudden become so popular now?

The reason is simple. We (Team MoTIS) have labored for years now to make this design arena a cool and exciting design arena with in the world of MS flight simulation development! We have been the preverbal "HYPE" men for MS concept aviation and its primary creative marketers for the past 6 years. Over 3000 people a day come to see what we are cooking up in this exciting new genre! It has been about ultra creativity and the creation of an idea of true acceptance for a new art form in simulation!

Team MoTIS has pioneered the first phase of the neo concept commercial market by being the first in the MS development genre to create new aircraft, test, and sell them all through our respective web site! Team MoTIS sparked a movement in the area of the MS neo concept design to market and we are once again asking great developers to join into this new and exciting development area to help create the commercial market that these aircraft deserve.

Our friend over at AFS-design have now done just that! With the release of there first commercial neo concept aircraft project, we are hoping that others will join into what we have always said. "Can be the next exciting phase in flight simulation". Team MoTTS has truly inspired a great new vision and direction in the area of pure neo concept aircraft design and development and has created a stable commercial market in the MS development genre and for that we will always be the ORIGINAL pioneers of this great and potentially expansive filed of design!

Numerous developers have come to our web site and seen all the wonderful things that we have designed and developed and decided that they can do that also.

Why not head on over to see what we have been building for the last five years in the area of neo concept aircraft design and see how we have wrote the book on how to create a professional neo concept online design facility of the future! As we receive over 3000 visitors a day for the past five years straight, the demographics of neo concept aircraft speak for themselves!

Pioneers and leaders in neo concept commercial design and development!$=main/notams07/moti1115.htm





Since the beginning of our development mission in the fall of 2002, the design members of team MoTIS has been pushing the boundaries of neo concept and experimental aircraft design. We have pioneered the very baseline of online professionalism and creative imagination as it pertains to the new neo concept and experimental design genre as it pertains to flight simulation and online virtual manufacturing!

This September will be our sixth year in the business of total true to life neo concept/experimental aircraft manufacturing in our total real time development mission and we are proud to have truly pioneered a great aspect of neo concept design with in the arena of simulated aircraft design and development. Over the years we have built, released and sold numerous neo concept aircraft via our selective offline concept web development mission and have strived to build the worlds first true online manufacturing company specializing in the total development and design of what we have called "OUR OWN DESIGNS"!

These designs are not real world variant recreations or product expansions but instead full fledged new concept aircraft from the mind of the MoTIS development staff and pioneer neo concept aircraft developer O. Watson of team MoTIS Engineering.

They are our very own true to life aircraft and intellectual property designs.

To date MoTIS is the only aircraft company in history (Virtual or other wise) to produce over 100 unique and different true neo concept aircraft via 3D CAD translation into our stated FSREALITY development mission and exist as the first pioneered and true online neo concept aircraft manufacturing company exclusively ever!

In the process of executing our very on creative imagination we have also indirectly influenced single handedly a totally new and now accepted genre of design with in the FS simulating community.

From our first neo concept aircraft in the M22, to our soon to preview M880 designed to rival the famous AIRBUS A 380 (Virtually), we will be expanding the fulfillment of what we have called, "The Evolution of A Dream"!

We invite you to celebrate our coming sixth year in the business of total neo concept and experimental aircraft development this September and we will continue to excite and inspire you in the development and pioneering the worlds first virtual neo concept/experimental aircraft manufacturing company of the future!$=main/notams07/moti0626.htm 

MoTIS Neo Concept Single Stage Spaceplane

The Orbit-Tek Exocet 2

The future of MSFS space flight is now upon us! With the coming of the next generation in simulated space flight, the sky is the limit for neo concept development spacecraft with in the FS 2007 operational envelope! The neo concept design pioneers at team MoTIS are yet again behind the scenes developing your next generations neo concept aircraft of the future!

We like to take this time to introduce you to the brand new MoTIS EXOCET II. The EXOCET II is a totally new neo concept aircraft in BETA STAGE development at the new MoTIS SPACE DEVELOPMENT CENTER- MSDC (To preview soon!) The EXOCET is designed to be a one stage rocketed plane, developed to carry astronauts, satellites, and space cargo in to low earth orbital flights!$=main/notams07/moti0309.htm


When you just want to sit back and relax in flight but don't want to pilot today!

Ladies and gents! Hold on to your hats as we are about to provide you with an interesting neo concept idea! Have you ever wanted to be a passenger on some one else's flight???? Just think of it. Your are the captain at your own VA and you have been flying from point to pilot for the longest time, but what if you could record your flight going from lets say KJFK to KDTW and have your flight be the back bone of a full realistic passenger down loading service, where other pilots and new students to your VA take these flight to places all over the VA world! You then become an actual VA pilot flying and recording your lines so that others can catch a quick flight by loading up your lines and getting to a meeting fast with you at the controls!!!!


Imagine having aircraft designers design special models to serve just this process ! The process of making you a true pilot by having you fly as you normally do and then having you when you file your standard flight reports at your VA'S any way , hand over a recording to be replayed at length from the PASSENGER VIEW!!!

You will be in fact flying to record your flights for others all over the internet and some one else in down loading your flights, will make them, for maybe the first time in flight sim history, your true passenger on your very own flight! Well the wait for this process is over!

Team MoTIS is asking other developers all over the internet to get into this idea in a serious way by developing what we are calling:


As we easily build all types of aircraft for our simulation goals, what would happen if developers built AI quality type aircraft and skipped work on the 2D panels and other eye candy ,and instead put their artistic fire in to developing theses VCE enhanced aircraft and started super XML development on virtual cabin environments, or VCE's!!

A potential passenger will come to your airport (WEB SITE) and then buy (DOWN LOAD) a ticket-RECORDED flight! He /she returns to there sim with the recording and picks the aircraft that has the VCE. They can get a seat by moving around in the VC!!

Developers be sure to add numerous goodies in these VCE's as you don't have to design super aircraft for this special cabin environment!

This idea will transform Virtual Airlines all over the net in the since that new passenger departments would open up passenger ticket agency websites where your pilots real time saved recordings would be used by others who need to get to some place that you VA fly's! Before you know it you will be down loading a flight say from TCA or AIR PACIFIC with there VC CABIN ENHANCED aircraft and loading up the data recording module with all the detailed info as to where the flight is going and who is the captain, how long the flight is and what would be the cursing altitude and more! Because the new recorder module will put in the right place to start the flight you don't need to down load any special situation or other mission files!


A great FS module has just been designed that will give unlimited recorder time and a seamless VC replay experience to simulate just such an event!

Recorder Module for FS2004$=main/notams06/moti0823.htm

MoTIS M100 Completes Maiden Test Flight

(Houston, TX) "You arrive at Ellington Field Airport on your way to a destination somewhere in the U.S. You pass through security and head towards your boarding gate. Suddenly, you decide to look out the huge glass windows overlooking runway 35R. As you scan the area, you take notice of a new type of aircraft taxiing onto the runway, preparing for take-off. On the tail you take notice of the M100 denoting the aircraft and you realize that history is about to be made. As you continue to look on at this unique looking passenger liner, you begin to hear its powerful engines begin to whine as the aircraft begins its roll down the runway. It feels as if time is moving slow as the aircraft reaches its 140 kt take-off speed. Before you know it, the M100 blissfully rises into the air as its landing gear retracts as if a computer were controlling its every action."

This is just an example of the treat that spectators at the Ellington Field Airport experienced when Chief Test Pilot Kayamone A. Sutton (US Navy) flew the M100 twin jet engine passenger airliner, created by MoTIS Virtual Jet Design, into aviation history on her first flight testing her flight worthiness. This past weekend, the M100 continued making history as it successfully completed its second test flight. The aircraft underwent G-Force testing, maximum speed and altitude testing as well as a one engine out emergency landing, the final test of the evolution.

The M100 will complete its final test on Sunday on the VATSIM network. The aircraft will be making its maiden cross country flight for the public, proving its ability to serve as a reliable and highly durable passenger airliner well into the future. Please visit MoTIS' site ( for more information on the upcoming public displaying of the M100 passenger jetliner.$=main/notams06/moti0815.htm


After years in the making, the team MoTIS neo concept mission reaches a true high point today with the development of our 100th neo concept aircraft! In 2002 team MoTIS started working toward a long and laborious road of helping bring the arena of neo concept design and development, with in the world of hobbyist flight simulation, to a respectable medium with the real world replication of aircraft for simulation.

 We are now proud to say that we have done just that, along with the help of numerous developers willing to put a bit of themselves into the world of FSREALITY! The ancient old dialog of the fantasy definition system for concept aircraft has been fully replaced with the now current neo concept terminology!


While others have gone on from developing concept aircraft and into the world of standard aircraft modeling, the designers at team MoTIS have stayed true to the game of neo concept design and development are happy to report that we are here to stay and we have made a bit of actual flight sim history in being the first development group in flight simulator history to date to develop 100 never before scene or flown neo concept aircraft! We also say humbly that this is more aircraft then some real world aircraft companies have under their design belts, this is truly a grand achievement. 

This is very special in the fact that we have designed all neo concept aircraft blue prints from scratch and conducted a real time flight testing mission along that way to provide our viewing public with content, real time historic evolution of and online virtual development company of the future! as we are the only development group on the internet to comprise this type of multiplicity and integrative neo concept  mission , we hope that others will join us in a spirit of good will and friendship in the near future!

As we are just getting started in our development mission look for our next 100 designs to be in the area of SCI FI and space designs via the MoTIS ORBIT ZONE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT and with the coming of super SCI FI scenery sets. All in all you can expect  even better quality neo concept aircraft in the future and team MoTIS will continue bring you the very best of "OUR OWN DESIGNS"!

MoTIS M100

We like to thank the entire simulation world for their continued support and ask that you take this time to welcome the 100th design from our minds and into the world of FS simulated REALITY, the MoTIS M100 M class airliner!$=main/notams06/moti0806.htm


  How often have you been at the control of you favorite aircraft and been in marvel of the pure excellence of the design? How many times have you climbed into the skis and switched to the spot view mode only to find the most excellent aircraft surrounding not so awesome pilot figures? Well wait no longer! The staff at team MoTIS is putting together a most excellent development concept to foster what is sure to be another expansive add on movement in the already excellent work of flight sim aircraft design and development. The mission is now known as the FSAVIATOR MAN BEHIND THE MACHINE MOVEMENT! The goal is to provide the aircraft developers of some of your most favorite aircraft a full resource arena to equip their aircraft with variable pilot figures and new cloths for flying different missions!

The AVIARORS CLOSET will be a great area to pick up great clothing textures four your pilot figures and create super interchangeability for the brains of your aircraft, the pilot! The CLOSET will be like taking a trip to the shopping mall for new cloths to outfit your FSAVIATOR!

Sample FSAVIATORS in flight in the MoTIS SUBASHI$=main/notams06/fsav0522.htm



As flight simulations tends to be a direct reflection of what's happening in the real world, many in our great community may be aware of the next level in general aviation. The emergence of the light jet! several real world companies have been getting ready over the last few years to bring several great light jets to market. Companies like Eclipse, Adam aircraft, Safire, Avocet, and others are going to be bringing super great general aviation micro jets to the flying community! These jets may actually take the place of the Cessna 152's of the past. We in the flight sim community sure hope to keep the 152's flying onto to history no matter what the future of these light jets hold though. Team MoTIS along side of our real world light jet designers have been hard at work designing three of our own virtual wonders in the virtual light jet market.


So you think that you know luxury? Well the MoTIS development team is about to show you a great aircraft only known as the MAGNUM! We have been designing this one behind the scenes for the past few years and the MAGNUM will mark the changing of the MoTIS neo concept designing and previewing style once and for all! The MAGNUM as she is called is to be the most extensive neo concept ever developed. This aircraft will be a MoTIS FSREALITY dream liner!

The MoTIS MAGNUM is a super luxury liner that will be a virtual pilots dream jet! In edition to the MAGNUM we will be previewing the MoTIS GALAXY, and the MoTIS RAMPAGE!$=main/notams06/moti0123.htm

POSTED ON: 1/13/2006



It was just another hot day in the California sun when out of the MoTIS flight office walk two of the most dedicated test pilot/engineers on the planet! Dave" KNIFE" Weir in the T38 and his flight brother Jon "MONGOOSE" Leach get ready to test out an experimental aircraft on day two of intensive testing and training! The days flight was a special one as it was a demonstration for the virtual Nigerian govement who will be buying over 6 units of this aircraft for their growing virtual military!

The VECTOR FORCE was in rear form for the demonstration flight and Captain Leah was not holding back as he showed the crowds deep dives and low speed passes! They brothers made such an impact on the crowds that the virtual Nigerian government is slated to buy an aircraft trainer version of the VECTOR FORCE also! This means that the VECTOR prototype project is moving to the next level in a big way!

Well now that the fun has started,we are off to the races to develop the next generation of neo concept aircraft and have the master test pilot/engineers of the future fly them!




POSTED ON: 11/6/2005







If you are not aware as of yet, there is great movement going on in the world of Microsoft flight simulations, in the area of concept aviation! Numerous developer all over the planet are putting on their thinking caps and coming up with great neo concept aircraft designs for the future, and channeling them into the most excellent world of flight simulations! New and exciting birds are under development at some of the most exciting virtual development firms on the planet, and you  the pilots, will be flying these great aircraft into the simulated history books! The virtual airline of the past  was the thing of the future so long ago, but what about the budding ventures of virtual companies such as a few starts like Team MoTIS, STRATOJET, AEROWORKS TECHNOLOGIES , JRLUCARINYand others?



Virtual  Concept aircraft development firms could fast become the next wave in simulations by giving the development community a next phase to develop and expand the ever extensive mission of flight simulations.

Several members of the concept development genre are already pioneering the next level of the game by bringing you some of the most soundly developed and well thought out concept aircraft for the future! So why not try your hand at the next level of design and development and join the expanding neo concept revolution!


 Stratojet Excalibur 

The mission is very simple actually, you become the great aircraft developers of the future where you produce great neo concepts flights of fancy. Then get your work into the hands of sim pilots all over the planet and enjoy seeing your very own neo concept creations fly the virtual passengers of the future! The only thing that you need to get started is a desire to build your own inner creations, and the development tools to do it , along with a base of operations like the VIPER WORKS, or XROW, and a creative staff to get your first great work of art into the simulated sky's!

JRLucariny Experimental Airplane


You should strive for the highest release standards, and pack your aircraft with all the greatest virtual technologies that simulations have to offer

So take your imagination to the next level and start a great virtual neo concept  development firm today!

Article located at$=main/notams05/moti1209.htm


POSTED ON: 11/6/2005



Each and every time a new version of a great simulator program comes out there is a tendency to have some of our greatest aircraft get lost in the shuffle. You all known what I mean. There is a great aircraft that you just loved to fly that was just not able to make the upgrade from one version of a simulations program to the next because of some compatibility issue!

 As a prolific concept developer, team MoTIS is aware that it is very important to make all concepts upgradeable by doing full blueprints for your aircraft so that as the CAD development programs and their compatibilities change, you will have a ready made template to super impose in any compatibility changing program!

This aircraft that is present in this mini article is an FS 2000 bird called the MoTIS DIAMOND BACK, and she is yet again about to undergo a full FS upgrade retranslation into FS 2004! As most of the gauges have been cross compatible in the FS upgrades the only thing that a neo concept designer has to focus on is the CAD compatibility issue with each sim upgrade, most of the time that is. FSDS Vxx by ABACUS and the GMAX program have been excellent in making changes possible for upgrading your great creations across FS up grade platforms.

What ever you do as a new neo concept developer for your missions life, you must keep upgrading your designs with each FS upgrade so as to bring life and vitality to your mission and concept design objectives!


POSTED ON: 10/14/2005


What exactly is a HYBER/HYPER LINER you may say? A MoTIS HYBER/HYPER LINER is a super expansive neo concept aircraft from the design engineers at team MoTIS that is designed to fly into and out of low earth orbits while transporting passengers in commercial airliner ferry style! Just imagine a trip for NEW YORK to LONDON in just short of 45 mins and the capacity to jump all points around the globe in just under four hours! The potential capabilities for an airliner of this type is mind boggling!

This aircraft in short is a full fledged commercial space liner of the future!

The HYBER/HYPER LINER will seat well over 300 passengers and have a cabin outfitted in the latest ergonomic luxury style! The reason that we at team MoTIS chose the name HYBER is becasue this aircraft is the composite of numerous neo concept technologies and years of research into the development of lift bodies, wing warping technologies, and complex vector analysis!

 The HYBERLINER will be using a new technologies virtually developed be team MoTIS called the Trion Vector Shielding! The SONIC LINER is a true study in what is destine to become the next commercial transporter of the future! the SONIC LINER is the sole design and development work of team MoTIS and O WATSON and Jen Guess as its primary lead designers. The project was started in late 2003 and was put on the testing blocks with numerous other MoTIS neo concept aircraft and the aircraft has since been called to duty. The aircraft will bring back the old flight engineers position and will have a cockpit crew of three pilots and a cabin crew of eight cabin attendants!


When one takes the time to see how far this country has come in just as short time it is easy to see why aviation has become such an integral part of the AMERICAN infrastructure! If it be know aviation is really all about being in a rush to get where you only want to be for the moment and then getting gone again! The world has changed so much over the past century and getting there by today's standards tends to make the difference between getting the deal done or losing out on the deal that will get you the big merger and save everyone's jobs in the entire company! So speed by today's standards is a matter of survival!


POSTED ON: 9/28/2005



The world of flight simulation is all about simulating the great and exciting birds that we all see in the sky's each and every day, and unless you have been sleeping, a very new and exciting dimension to flight simulation has now taken off and is in full swing and on its way to being taken serious as a new dimension called, "FSREALITY" as coined by team MoTIS!

One must ask oneself if there is an extra dimension to the world of concept design that dent exists in the world of standard FS modeling, of all those great real world wonders?  Is concept designing a realistically sustainable field with in the design and development genre of flight simulation? For years now most of our greatest developers of FS add ons have strived to tirelessly bring us the best of real world replication right down to the last nut and bolt.

To some concept designing may even seem to be going in the opposite direction then standard simulations by bringing more fantasy to a hobby based on primarily simulating reality??? Well let it be known now and forever more that a simulated concept aircraft is no different then a simulated real aircraft that is being simulated! They are both simulated elements but one is based one the raw designs of an individuals imagination of what could be and the other is based on the simulated dimensions of what is in existence (From a real world designers mind), but neither is real at the time of our earth bound simulated experiences.

So why not consider concepts the potential ideas of the future of flight simulations, as we already have no problem flying the real world simulated aircraft of the moment. There really is not much difference in the final analysis.....

As there is a thin line between fantasy and reality!

Designers have spent hours upon hours toiling over the right dimensions and placements of every thing from tie down points when an aircraft is on the ground, to animations appearing on your peachy model once your work of labor and art is airborne! Developing aircraft for the flight simulations community is already challenging for all the things that are required from any loyal fan base, from the deep and detailed textures, to the super flawless expectations of the flight dynamics model. The point is that designing and modeling real world aircraft is already demanding enough, and when one takes on the task of modeling anything it should be known that the high standards and expectations our great hobby must be maintained and the art of concept design and development must also be superb- SO GO THE EXTRA MILE!

Why would anyone want to design an aircraft only to have it sit in a hangar and never be flown? So if you are a would be serious concept developer, get ready do ten times the work of our great real world aircraft modeling friends and maybe only get ten times less the credit as its not really real!!!

Question: So why do it? Answer: FOR THE LOVE OF IT!!!

What I mean by this is the beside all the hard work of modeling a real world aircraft, as a concept designer you must go farther or you are not doing it right! You must dig deep down and find the ideas that people will love before you even load up your graphics programs, you must be prepared for long nights of frustration trying to get your design to fly just the way that the aerodynamics specs say that it is suppose to.. You must create new technologies that will make your viewer wonder if that idea is indeed possible or just wishful thinking of fantasy, but most of all you must continue to come up with new ideas as your ideas are the life blood of your mission.

Designing concept aircraft to many viewers, may seem like a fantasy realm with in the world of simulation, but load up your mind and try pumping out a few new designs ,and do it over and over and you may just change your thinking?

While flight simulations is first and fore most about fun, it is most fun when most real. So to all concept designers of new and old, keep going the extra mile so that we can all give the professionalism and creativity that with allow you to make a truly personal contribution to our greatest love of all.

The love of realistic flight via simulation!


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POSTED ON: 09/21/2005


As team MoTIS has promised , its time to place lots of neo concept designs into your hands! The next aircraft that we are getting ready for second stage beta testing and full release is the MoTIS SUBASHI, a true training aircraft for the next generation of flight!

We will keep you posted on her development as she will look great sitting in your simulated drive way!



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POSTED ON: 09/07/2005


The FSREALITY philosophy is the basis of the MoTIS online design philosophy!

 FSREALITY is a term coined by team MoTIS that exists to express the fully functional mission of creating an online virtual concept aircraft development company that follows all the standard missions and goals of a real world design firm like Cessna or Boeing!

Our goal is to take never before seen or flown or developed neo concept designs and make them standard launch projects into the MSFS simulated environment! This is a bit different from the standard fantasy concept development mission that pre-existed the MoTIS ERA, as we are taking each and everyone of our design through each and every step as the real world design firms of the past have! We are building the inside of the aircraft from VC's, to great manuals, to the electrical systems and the like, while explaining them to you in real time!!! We are not concerned about release times so much as we are not trying to represent the FS add on mission in standard flight sim operations exclusively, but we are striving to create a true renaissance in flight simulation, while executing the base of our stated mission form day one to give the world the very best of "OUR OWN DESIGNS"

 This mission is not just about pay ware development at all ,as if it was, we surly would have not waited almost three years to get our point across and do this right the first time around!

Our mission is to be the worlds first (and at this point we are-humbly) fully integrated virtual neo concept aircraft development firm ,making all of our aircraft as if we were a standard real world functional aircraft developer and this is the basis of what the MoTIS FSREALIY movement is all about!

 We are not so concerned with making ultra high quality FS aircraft as we are with the total idea development and FS integration of our technical ideas and technologies into the greatest channel in the world, the FS simulated environment!! So what we are saying in short is, "The simulated environment has become the store house container of the real world reality potential of the MoTIS neo concept aircraft of the future"!

We hold the literal FS environment environment to be a literal alternate universe where great ideas can take root and becomes the container of the great mental potential of all FS designers and as there is really no limit to the possibilities of what can be created in this environment we must concede that this is a form of reality indeed, if nothing more then FSREALITY!

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POSTED ON: 09/06/2005




Imagine an aircraft with the soul of a lion, the heart of a vampire, the claws of a dragon and the speed of a cheetah and you are just scratching the surface of one of the next great creations to come out of the MoTIS VIPER WORKS! The MoTIS MRA-X2H is a futuristic stealthy fighter type aircraft that is in the making at the MoTIS VIPER WORKS development division!  

The SAVAGE as she is properly called is one of the worlds next generation designs to come out of the mind of neo concept design pioneer O Watson and the team MoTIS development staff!!! As team MoTIS continues to push the bounders of the FSREALITY mission , this fine aircraft has already found a great home with our launch partner and outsourced beta development team (on certain projects) in the VUSSP! This aircraft is all freeware and will be released as soon as she is completely standardizes as MoTIS medium quality limited freeware so all will have the capacity to fly this baby into the record books!


The only mission of this aircraft to provide what we are calling transcontinental interception and anti-transitional space, where no enemy aircraft can even begin to make it into air space that they should not be in! This aircraft is not built to be a fighting aircraft at all, but instead to act as a super sonic fighter dream liner, specializing in high speed interception acting as a deterrent force to any hostile aggressor on the planet!

The SAVAGE will come in three primary variants and a super trainer model for training all pilots transitioning from the F14 Tomcat and the F16 fighting falcon, to the heavy weighted and high operations SAVAGE! The aircraft cruises at Mach 1.2 and can fly for long ranges at speeds in excess of Mach 3.82 at 62,000 ft msl! The SAVAGE gets her name from the high speed cruise capacities that she can sustain!




The SAVAGE cockpit environment is one of the first things that you experience that tells you that flying this sleek aircraft will be a handful! She is all glass cockpit with only a few buttons and switches scattered all over the panel, as in the future of flying less is more!

The alternate forward view with the left pilot side view of the 2D panel!


The SAVAGE will live its FS life as a high speed interceptor!!!



So you think you have what it takes to take the seat of one of the greatest test pilots to ever fly a neo concept? Well here is your chance! Team MoTIS and the VUSSP are once again teaming up to do some great freeware development stuff in the area of neo concept aeronautics designing and flying! We at team MoTIS build um and you at the VUSSP fly um! Its that simple!!! K SUTTON and O WATSON are old friends and O Watson designed the VUSSP GRAVITON, and the VUSSP CONVOY in days of old and as team MoTIS was in its build stage we couldn't devote as much time to the freeware side of that mission, but now we can!! So get ready for some of the fastest and best freeware neo concept designs on the planet in the area of aeronautics research and development! This union will bring tons of MoTIS freeware divisional aircraft to flight simulations as these aircraft will have a ready made home with in the general scope of the VUSSP mission planning and VA operations execution!

The MoTIS SAVAGE is a high altitude high speed research vehicle that has been designed for specialty use at the VUSSP space simulations function. This aircraft is what we are calling at team MoTIS a super fast build as the members at the VUSSP are willing to do all of the beta testing on this aircraft as part of there standard operations of the vehicle! Because we are not making precision development to the flight model we were able to build this aircraft at light speed! Making this one of the first MoTIS real time designs to be put together in just under normal aircraft development in record time! This aircraft is not a stealth fighter at all but a wing lift body hybrid aircraft that has the both of two worlds by possessing a large wing surface area along with a sizable fixed wing span! The aircraft is all composite technologies and has the ability to take great deformational stress against standard material designs! As team MoTIS strives for excellence in the building of all of our neo concept design as to be real world proof of concept ready this aircraft in no exception even though she will be tested and flown as a teak as we go aircraft playing a major role at a full time virtual simulated function such as the VUSSP!


Article located at$=main/notams05/moti0906.htm



As team MoTIS continues to work away on the development of the neo concept visions of the next generation, we are showing you what is becoming of one of the greatest development missions in flight simulations history! The total development of our first ever mission complete military wing of the future! what makes this all so unique is that team MoTIS as a first true commercial development FS neo concept pioneer, continues to labor away at developing a super concept mission! As may are eagerly watch and awaiting several never before seen releases, we are sharing our intensive building mission in real time with you all!

Take a look at what we have planned for you in our full military pack where you will be the next generation pilot of the future flying some of the most original neo concept aircraft on the planet!  






We have spent the last year behind the scenes developing over 50 neo concept cars to date and have shown a few at our website but we are now going into over drive! Team MoTIS will be the very first group on the net to bring you a total adventure designed and developed full automotive side to FSREALITY! Can you imagine  some of the greatest auto development and racing in the world now come to your FS simulation experience! This mission will be great fun and excitement and we will be the first to bring you a full fledged simulated racing track scenery!

Race tracks of all sizes and categories are on the way so get ready to try something original from team MoTIS.



Our latest new never before seen or flown neo concept aircraft- THE MoTIS SIVARA. The SIVARA is a high altitude operations aircraft designed and developed by MoTIS INDUSTRIES. Our goal is to bring you the very best in neo concept design and development as your pioneering neo concept development mission!

As the MoTIS development mission pushes towards our great releases we are still busy at work building the future and doing it the right way! With so many never before seen or flown neo concept aircraft designs taken all the way to professional real world development standards, team MoTIS has just passed another milestone in our design mission with the full development of what we are calling the GUTS of the aircraft realism effort! As we have set some almost unreachable standard in the design of what we have called neo concept aircraft, this is truly as far as we can go in the total development of a concept aircraft!

Copyright (C) 2005 by MoTIS INDUSTRIES. All rights reserved.


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MoTIS ME REUFIN fighter/bomber- coming soon

From the beginning of time all things have always evolved to a great zenith and then great change and expectation followed that zenith transition. Now flight simulation at times seem to have its own sets of ebbs and flows but innovation is always alive in what we see as the best hobby on the planet!!! The great and exciting world of flight simulation has seen the rise of a great new idea in the development of the next generation of neo concept design and development! The Neo concept development mission in FS is not real something new as designers and developers have always dabbled in this form of design in one way or another but just with in the last few years many hobbyist may have noticed a huge explosion of new concept designs everywhere!

We at team MoTIS have been on the cutting edge for the last few years building several never before seen or flown next generational creations for the future and numerous others have joined in this fun and exciting next phase and growing trend in the way of concept design and development. As our mission has been one of great personal investment beyond the basic design and release game many have filled the arena with super innovative and exciting freeware that is not only fun to fly but exciting to look at in flight!

Neo concept design and development is not about fantasy designing at all , as all aircraft simulated to fly in FS programs do in fact fly one way or another, and whiles it reality that we all strive to simulate, fun is always the final objective and this growing and budding field of development is all about seeing the future of cool and exciting neo concept aircraft designs and adding your own inner contributions to that future!

All who enjoy the great and exciting world of simulations love to fly what we all see in the real world but what about what we could very well see in the real world very soon??

Maybe you will in fact be the worlds next Burt Rutan and so why not try your hand at designing in this great and up and coming field in the world of neo concept aviation.

As team MoTIS has personally defined this arena as FSReality- a term that means designed by us, from us, and for use in our world

(The world of simulation that is!)

This untapped design arena holds the very future of where simulation development can in fact go and all of us can take the next step in becoming the visionaries of the virtual world neo concept development arena!

Contribute the greatness of your imagination to this growing field of interest in the world of FS aviation and lets all give the world what we at team MoTIS has always called the very best of "Our own designs!"





The MoTIS neo concept design mission is very unique to the world of flight simulations in the very scope that we have chosen to develop, produce, and execute or real time production and development mission objectives in standard practice with a real world aircraft production company . As the MoTIS S.B.P will soon be getting under way we are previewing one of the first neo concept aircraft that will be coming out of this department! The MoTIS SUMMO is a heavy labored project that has been in our real time design works for the past 2 years and this aircraft will be loaded with tons of perks! The SUMMO is the sole design accomplishment of O WATSON and the MoTIS design staff and she is a duel horizontal coaxial turbo prop driven light passenger transport vehicle. The SUMMO is designed to operate on small dirt roads and from major international runways. Just like numerous other MoTIS real time production aircraft, the SUMMO is still in the prototype phase but we have been testing her for the past few months now and the flight dynamic results are indeed impressive. As our design mission and philosophy are very different ,team MoTIS will ,as stated from our inception as a neo concept design group, continue to bring you the best of "OUR OWN DESIGNS"

SUMMO flight test videos coming soon!

See article one for our military venue: ARTICLE ONE








It has recently come to mind that the very exciting and excellent genre of neo concept designing as a mainstream design arena is taking shape so fast that there are very few guidelines that are stated precedents to separate the nature of standard designing of real world aircraft as it pertain to flight simulations, and the neo concept acceptance revolution. There are now several main stream design groups out their pouring there hearts and life's work into several great design concepts and ideas and the big question is what is one to do if there is a perception that someone  is in competition with you or in violation of your design integrity or copyright?

As numerous real world designers create the great works of Bill Lear and Cessna, will the world of FS neo concept design one day become so ridged that frivolous lawsuits become the standard of the day? As numerous persons all over the world in the area of real world design have given us all great real world standards to design by, how is it totally possible that ideas can be totally independent from some type of public over lap? Is the emerging neo concept design genre headed for foolish bickering and hostile claims of  design infringement?

 Cessna has inspired us all and so has numerous other great real world designers but what about the design accomplishments of  you; the original designer of your own authored and heavily labored personal work?

 Dose any one have a coin on how ones places a wing on an aircraft or how one sets the landing gear on a stated project, or for that matter are there certain things the one designer must avoid when trying to respect the work of other designers?  The answer is of course not and defiantly so. First you must respect copyrights and any and all legal rights to individual designers, but no one can be expected to not design their hearts content in any given respective environment or specialized design area for any reason at any time.... The rules of neo concept designing in many respects are the same as the rules of engagement in the real world of design and development.  Real world designers may design as they see fit by only obeying the laws set by the nation on matters of copyright infringement, plagiarism, trade violation and other well stated implied laws on the books. No one in this genre can or should be concerned with competing with any respective designers as the genre first, is still very small and needs more representation, and second this should never be the spirit of the new and exciting field any way. As in life some levels of competition are good an in fact an unavoidable aspect to any life venture Such as the competition that makes a products quality go higher or a design contest with stated rules but please ,please do not openly or indirectly engage in competition based designing with any respective up and coming or fully standardized neo concept group or groups as there is room for us all.

That way any perceived competition will always be in the mind of that designer in question an that none of us can control...

In the spirit of respect and good will in this new design environment, with respect to concept design and development, there are ,how ever ,a few basic things that we can all do to decrease the effects of stepping on our brethrens toes so to speak when you feel as though you are designing a great work and some one comes along in your category or general specialization and designs something that looks similar to your design achievement.

1. All designers be aware that numerous individuals can have similar ideas and goals and arrive at the table at generally the same time.

Example- The very creators of the airplane itself was not just an American idea.

2. Understand that no matter how wild a design that you might think that you have. that there is only a finite arrangement that one can place on any shape of aircraft and things can look similar to different people for different  reasons?

Example- You can have a tall cup or a big cup but its shape is that of a cup.

3. Ideas are like wild flowers ,they are the stuff of inspiration.

Example- First doesn't mean best it just means first- If that was the case the Wright flyer would always be seen as superior to the Boeing 747!

4. Don't judge or discredit anyone's work or mission.

Example- There all type of niches that love peoples work for what ever the reason, no matter if you perceive that your work is better the someone's else, as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

5. Don't discredit a person contributions to a genre no matter what it may be.

Example- As the world is a big place with many people and we all have different goal try an understand missions or objectives that are different then your own.

6. Don't engage in subversive slander if you have a problem with a designer.

Example- It only makes you look bad ,doesn't solve anything at all, and it is illegal and called Liable when in written form, and may be used as proof in a court of law...

7. When designing neo concept aircraft first do your research!

This is the most important requirement of all as many may be working on similar ideas as you for god knows how long and the sight or the timing of releases may seem insidious but not be at all ,so take the honest time to see who is up to what in a friendly and peaceful manner so as not to indirectly insult others work.

8. Don't copyright infringe

If you just love someone's work email them and get their permission in writing to do anything with their stated work as to not do so is a crime!


9. Don't be threatened by other peoples work- Do your own thing, at your own pace, and in your own time.

No one  in this design genre came into concept designing to be harassed ,threaten, or derailed form his/her respective missions as the end goal no mater how simulations are used is fun!As a matter of fact most people in this genre are all super talented and visionaries in their own respective rights- Also don't hold grudges as its flight simulation and truly not that serious!


First try talking straight to the person in question as you may find a simple question or request will make a seemingly hostile situation seem silly. Stated misunderstanding should always be explored to the fullest degree of good will and commitment to any type of conflict resolution.  If that doesn't work be civil if you have a problem with some one don't take the law into your own hands contact a high up in the simulations world or some legal advisor as slander and liable on the net are become very serious issues in the U.S. court system

Yes it is flight simulation but the game side does not negate all of our proper respect and obedience to the law and the love of the brotherhood no matter payware or freeware


Article located at$=main/op-ed/ed340.htm





The year is 2000 and the MoTIS defensive force starts the grand project known as the big push. The big push is a super development program to build the military of the future. As the future aircraft don't necessarily mean futuristic looking in all aspects, the MoTIS design factory has designed the neo concept air forces of the future and are in the active testing area of galvanizing on the big push military development mission. The MoTIS war machine has been under full development for the past year as well as the up and coming S.B.P. Team MoTIS has taken the time to methodically build not one neo concept fighter concepts but a whole military! As all of our designs are in what is known as real time development and testing, the first group to full embark on the total neo concept design agenda is still building away in the development of a grand vision, still under intensive development! We have designed a neo concept aircraft in every area needed for the next 20 years of military service and will be hosting all of these AMERICAN warriors at the MoTIS war machine!

2. The MoTIS MF 70- VOX is a super air dominance fighter being developed out at the MoTIS VISION WORKS design facility and is designed to perform the roles of air interception superiority attack and long ranged sustained defensive and support fighter. The VOX is officially set to enter full service in the summer of 2005. As the MoTIS neo concept era and mission are tied to a massive design infrastructure expansion mission, we have opted to design each of the aircraft for our military for the future in a very realistic way, by releasing numerous press releases on our aircraft and allowing the viewing public to see their aircraft go form basic designs, to being tested in the public forum, to the full product processing to test releases

The MF 70 VOX

This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force and Navy and Marines

 3. The MoTIS HALO STAR will be a modern aeronautical wonder and will be one of the first true MoTIS neo concept helicopters out of the MoTIS design factory. This helicopter is a rotor bladed lift system with a jet assisted thruster system and has a host of great neo concept technology and a dual anti torque tail rotor system! The HALO STAR is a top secret development project and this helicopter is like nothing that you have ever seen! The helicopter is the sole design work of O WATSON, J GUESS and William Leclair. The HALO STAR was officially designed in 2002 but was total revamped and redesigned 5 times before the summer of 2003.This helicopter is still undergoing major design work on the factory design line and we are just showing you a basic flight of the first neo concept prototype of the full HALO STAR program which will be released with a full debrief on specs and aircraft operational capabilities. HALO STAR

This aircraft is being designed to serve the U.S. Army

4.The GRAVITON has been developed to act as a primary LWF Navy strike fighter. This aircraft will be carrier based with its primary FS military function to be the a support aircraft for the real world F18 Super Hornet.. The GRAVITON is designed for single pilot operations and is fully capable of supersonic flight. Designed by engineers at MoTIS VJD and created by lead designer O Watson this aircraft will have a thrust to weight ratio greater then 1.01 and be able to conduct operations above 50,500ft with a rate of climb of 46,000fpm.. More data presented in the flight manual at release. This aircraft belongs to the FS reality family of aircraft and all of us in the simulation community. It  was designed by O Watson and team MoTIS but it can only reach the highest boundaries of the FS skies by you!


This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force and Navy and Marines

5.As team MoTIS has a very unique design philosophy, all of our neo concept aircraft air frame designs are first tested in the MoTIS Beta-Liners stress and `intensity evaluations. This is a brutal testing regimen where some of our designs actually don't make it into full 3D CAD production.  As our testing labs are still being developed ,very soon you will see exactly what we mean by just how intense that it gets as we, student designers use these programs  as a reasonably good modeling venue to assess real world design principles. The V WAVE is designed and developed by O. WATSON as its primary design engineer and she was first designed in the winter of 2003. Inspired by a potential needed replacement to the Rockwell B1B Lancer bomber , the ENSURECTAR is designed to be an ECM platform as well as a long range stealthy aerial bomber. Beyond the need for an bombing aircraft that can stay airborne almost indefinably, this aircraft truly needs to encompass numerous technologies from the U2 program, and the SR 71 mission objective program. ENSURECTAR MODE C

This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force

6. The MEMET was official on the design books at MoTIS in the winter of 1999 and this design was once called the METEOR but O Watson after several redesigns had changed so much of the aircraft airframe that in the second 2D design trials as aircraft number # AC#110-28345-7769-0015, this aircraft was renamed the COMET.

The Name of this aircraft after final standardization became known as the MoTIS ZF-2 MEMET.

This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force and Navy and Marines

7. The MoTIS Thunder Rod was designed in 2002 and left the ground in late 2002 for the first time (actual flight data and times to be released soon).  The Thunder Rod  is a premier fighter/Interceptor aircraft with a large ground attack arena to fill also.  This aircraft is designed for ultimate air dominance in the heavy twin engine fighter-class market.  The recon in first flight photos above don't do justice to this aerial monster, this aircraft is capable of speeds in excess of mach 2.2 with an operational ceiling is greater than 71,000ft MSL and has a great combat radius to say the least.  THUNDER ROD

This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force and Navy and Marines

8.The BLACK MAGIC line is to be based out of a unknown launch division on the planet after being designed at the VIPER WORKS production division of X-ROW. This top secret aircraft is more then just a high tech wonder but a symbol of the next generation of real world and flight simulated air dominance and the focus of the Dark Liaison story, comic , and book  by O Watson.. The DARK SYNISTER AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION LINE is involved in a mission only known as the Shadow Sweepers. The Shadow Sweepers are a group of anti-stealth aircraft deigned to achieve a super mission only known as Camel Back. ( ). The current BLACK MAGIC aircraft is rumored to be in mass production at the VIPER WORKS and it is suspected that the VALKIRES were captured by a foreign national agent although that has not been release to the press as such...BLACK MAGIC

This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force

9. The MoTIS ZOMBIE is a super neo concept attach ghost fighter (more on that  later) The ZOMBIE is currently under intensive testing in the MoTIS EXCEL aerodynamics labs and we will have some great data on this aircraft very soon! This aircraft is being designed to serve the Air Force and Navy primarily.



 10. The AERO ROVER is the sole design work of O WATSON and  J. Guess and the MoTIS design staff and the helicopter was designed back in the winter of 2003 but was not called the AERO ROVER but instead the ROVER WAVE. The chopper is the primary focused of the Experimental Design and Testing Department as it is must suited to the High Velocity Internal Vertical Mounted Anti-Torque Converting System or  HVI- MACS /H -6- MACS , it will be the first production model to fly the H -6- MACS first as a twin seated post prototype production aircraft set as a flight sim production real time aircraft only at this time , then a four seat transport chopper and finally a stretched mountain utility vehicle used as a next generation SAR aircraft for military and civilian usages. AERO ROVER

This aircraft is being designed to serve the U.S. Army


This current website articles will have all things pertaining to real world experimental aviation and numerous MoTIS concept aviation innovations and our old FS articles -Note: Old articles not to be updated (Only a data base of our contribution as our mission has changed drastically)...


MoTIS Statement On Rise In Concept Aircraft Design

Posted on Wednesday, May 05 @ 01:29:29

 MoTIS Industries has issued a statement about the rise in concept aircraft and virtual aerospace groups. Read the full statement by clicking on Read More.

MSFS concept aviation is getting the boost that it needs to be taken seriously by FS pilots all over the net! With the coming of the FLY AWAY/MoTIS endorsed CONCEPT UNIVERSE things will get an even bigger boost. The CU headed by the pioneer concept aircraft designer Otis Watson, will bring the world of MSFS and X-Plane concept design and development to one place and forever unit the two concept design genres! Members of the professional flightsim magazine reporting community have fully endorsed this growing genra and with the up and coming release of the CONCEPT DESIGNERS GUIDE-by MoTIS VJD, PC Pilot magazine and others will be doing a full story on concept aviation and MoTIS INDUSTRIES and its concept vision and mission as it is something truly unique to flight simulation the way that it is being executed as a total concept design mission...

With each release of new aircraft on major servers from designers all over the net, you will see a truly remarkable increase in concept aircraft designs and designers getting into the game of concept design and more and more concept aircraft are being used at local VA's and in FS functions such as BOTA, FS racing circuits, and other events.

MoTIS is truly inspiring change in concept aviation if nothing else.

The freedom to design and standardize your own aircraft and the respect and pleasure of seeing your own designs on the flight lines of VA functions is a supreme high to say the least! MoTIS being a concept design pioneer, receives hundreds of emails on the vision and tenacity on forming such a insightful mission to get us accepting our own designs! The more the FS Reality concept catches on, the better for concept aviation as a whole. We know that there are many talented designers out there who have been inspired by the works of groups like MoTIS VJD, RYANAIR, ZEPHYRUS AEROSPACE, TEBOR AEROSPACE, MORGAN AEROSPACE, LION HEART, LCA RONEX, RILO AEROSPACE, AEROWORKS TECHNOLOGY (all concept design groups offering neo concept aircraft over the net) and numerous individual concept designers so keep on viewing, building, and flying neo concept aircraft and let's make the future a truly great next generation place for flight sim and beyond!

MoTIS is not claiming to be great, or trendy but MoTIS is claiming to be on the that faithful mission to start us accepting and flying and implementing our own aircraft into our world.

From simulation to reality-Flight in a different direction!


The Next Generation In Flight Simulation

By Otis Watson (17 February 2004)

For millions of users around the world flight simulation has become a down right passion! There are so many groups out there that have contributed to the upward mobility of this great industry that you can hardly name them all. Flight simulation has modeled itself right along side reality and in most cases it can match reality hands down but what about the future of flight simulation? With there being so many groups out there modeling Cessna, Boeing, Airbus and others to say the least is there room to create new standards in flight simulation that border more on the expansive side of simulations or is the modeling of physical reality our only future reference point? What I am talking about is the next generation of aviation period and the insightful minds that will shape it in the real world and the simulated one. Aviation is one, if not the leading global industry in pushing change and accepting new ideas as aerospace has caused massive changes all over the planet! If you don't believe it just look how fast this industry has grown from humble beginnings and how much the world would be affected by the lose of the airplane as a tool...

The airplane as a tool has made the world a smaller place and in fact changed the world in one stroke and as real world aviation has a mission and a direction then flight simulation must have one also. Flight simulation in itself is truly about more then just setting in front of a computer and operating some controls, but it is about the art of self expression and the joy for many of realizing the dream of flight. If simulating reality down to the letter is the ultimate goal of flight simulators and simulation enthusiasts then the big question is, is there a place for the aircraft designers of the future to express this same passion in the area of great neo concept aircraft design? The answer is affirmatively -YES

With so many designers out there designing great real world aircraft you can turn anywhere and find numerous great aircraft models of the same aircraft and as simulations strive to copy the real world down to the letter. This is as it should be but there are a group of visionaries in the engineering profession who have dared to bring a new ideology to flight simulation aircraft design and that is the bases of the expanding Neo Concept Aircraft Genre. The N.C.A.G is about the potential aircraft designs of the future expressed through the dynamic arena of flight simulation that have definite real world potential value, where the FS design engineer can use his/her CAD assets to extend his/her passion of engineering through flight simulations just as the virtual pilot does by flying those wide body metal birds-aka DC 10's 747's etc.

Now many in the flight simulation community may see these neo concept aircraft designs as fantasy based or unreal but a neo concept aircraft design in engineering and function is really no less real then pulling back on the joystick of your computer cockpit as reality tends to be based on the perceptions of those who define it as such.

Creating never before aircraft designs of high quality and excellent standard will only help to create diversity and strength to an industry already headed for longevity but this Neo Concept revolution will only create a new avenue for the virtual engineer who can bring his/her talents in aircraft design to the world!

The fantasy definition in flight simulation must die in order for the Neo Concept Next Generation definition to live...



O WATSON CEO MoTIS Virtual Jet Design

The Next Generation In Flight Simulation -LOCATED AT FLIGHT SIM.COMS SERVERS

The Boundary Layer Of Fantasy And Reality With Respect To Flight Simulation

By Samual Nahura

Flight simulation is a wonderful and exciting world that does everything in its power to recreate the real world down to the minute levels, but how far is too far and what is the limit of realism when it pertains to simulation? If simulation is based on the real world of aviation and it strives to simulate even the most simple effects seen in the real world, then where should we consider simulation to be a world all of its own? Some people will say that fantasy is not real but for anyone who has ever seen an episode of Star Trek or what ever your space show may be, they will have to agree that fantasy is always the forerunner of the great concept ideas that sooner or later become the foundation of reality at some later date in history!

Simulation as a hobby is a very interesting beast indeed as the world of flight simulation has become one of the greatest if not the greatest internet based practice of simulated reality. The flight simulator gives many the opportunity to realize a life long dream of flight! But is this real or not?

Many people have invested many dollars and much time to the great endeavor of flight simulation and we believe that time is real and so is money. So the simulated experience in our minds must become a world all onto itself as far as the reality question is concerned or flight simulation will always be seen as striving to be something that it can never ever be -- REAL.

In flight simulation there is truly no such thing as reality as the whole concept of simulation can never be real unless the the computer screen magically turns into a real world cockpit! So this begs the question of why the big hang up over reality vs. fantasy terms? I believe that people in this hobby want to fly the aircraft that they see in the real world in an attempt to experience the feeling of being a pilot but at some point if the desk top pilot never takes the next step to fly in the real world then the simulator becomes less of a tool of preparation for the real world flying adventure and more of an instrument of enjoyment only i.e. A FANTASY. I can surely see how a real world student pilot or real world pilot can use the simulator as a reality trainer for what he/she may do in the real world at some point, but for the hobbyist the concept of reality and fantasy are truly without boundary.

On the aircraft flight side of simulation we all want to fly things that exist in the real world but on the aircraft design side of things we tend to call non real world aircraft designs fantasy and this is the furthest thing from the truth as in flightsim these designs are just the next generation in the real world of aviation aircraft design. Any flightsim designed aircraft can be built as long as it has obeyed the laws of physics, has a company willing to fund the designing of the aircraft, has a real world purpose and function that will justify the building of that aircraft and finally a stable market to sell the aircraft in.

Flightsim concept or first generation designers should take their designs very seriously as they are in fact designing the future of aviation even if they do not see it that way--a new aircraft is a new aircraft.

Reality is only the sum effect of the total contribution of someone's total experiences in the moment and reality or realities are constantly changing but as related to flight simulation if you are spending real money, real time, real creativity of design and making a real contribution to the industry as a whole then it's all real or on the potential of becoming real.

If anything is fantasy in flight simulation then it all must be considered fantasy.

Samual Nahura


The Boundary Layer Of Fantasy And Reality -LOCATED AT FLIGHT SIM.COMS SERVERS

The Next Generation Of Flight

By Otis Watson

Now that we have flown the skies from humble beginnings we surely did rise into the blue so far and wide our fathers vision was not denied...

We have in time so short indeed, created that which's fills our need- from engines, wings, and airlines so true, we did what ever we had to do.... To ever expand beyond that day after 100 years we can surely say that faster and higher and farther we roar to reach the place where the eagles soar.

If they could have but only seen what bicycle tire and wood would gleam then they may have push to create more but no matter for in our century we will explore what they didn't know we strive to show that bigger and faster was destined to grow for in just 100 years of flight we can see that the sky reflects the best of you and me.

And the collective dream can still be seen on a 747 or a new Jet Stream...

So take that steep and never look back for the aircraft and men have expressed our birth right and the future was opened from an old bike shack when two men with a vision put us all on their back.

The next step is more then a place in some time but the future is the challenge of matter and the mind. For no father wants their sons to stay still- so all sons of aviation must embody the Wright brothers will.

To see beyond sight and dream beyond night and build their great visions so that we all can take flight and eternally fly with the sun at its height on that faithful great day when the Wrights lit the light!

Poem by O. Watson



FS REALITY : FS reality is designing for the potential real world use using FS design programs to make great and new concepts. In keeping with the concept design model set by our company, we are striving to shatter the myth that concepts are mythical fictional aircraft with our new slogan coined by Motes VIDA called: FS REALITY  Our concepts will be branded with this new title and our freeware will not be allowed on any service on the net with out the brand. If our new work is labeled as fictional and not as concept FS REALITY design by all users this will be taken as slanderous as we retain the right to be self defined and define our work as we see fit. WHY? Because we are working very hard to design in a totally new genre in FS designing and to be seen as fictional at all to us is an insult. We liken this to a awesome Virtual airline such as Cyber Air, which have been on the net forever as being labeled as fictional. When infect it is a real Virtual airline and we ask for the same perspective outlook when using or labeling our Neo-concept designs. This is a small price to pay to see concepts and concept designing  in a new way as MoTIS will be providing many companies with freeware work and great FS REALITY concept designs! Concept designers join us in our mission to shatter the fictional myth and adopt the idea of concept reality!! 



FS concept aviation is a great and exciting arena is FS designing and has the potential to become something special over time.. but the question has been asked by many general designing  groups and individuals.. why should I design a neo concept if it will never be used long term  by simmers; as most simmers enjoy flying the big rigs on long flights and flying what they see in the real skies above them every day?   Well the bigger question should be how we approach flight simulation in the first place... Speaking as a real world pilot , the flight simulator is a simulation of reality and no matter how close it comes to reality it will always remain a great and expansive tool to sharpen skills and just to have a great time in general! The simulator can new replace the real thing and every sim pilot all over the world should conceder that there is also a certain aspect of gaming to the simulator that makes it even more fun and exciting.. Well my point is very simple.. Most concept designers for years have fought the stigma of designing a fictional product and because of this designation the idea was always weighted against something real in the real world. FS concept designing is one on the most exciting areas of CAD designing as it is really designing something new! The whole goal of designers in this genre is to not copy and reproduce someone else's ideas or great creations and in this respect this truly make the concept designer a great FS visionary.  We believe that the fictional designation on these potential real world creations is a damaging one and if one really thinks about this designation one would see that simulation its self is fictional flying!!!!!, and I believe that everyone with a Flight simulator see it other wise.



In real world aviation operations the aircraft production company is at the heart of the aviation function. With out the production of new aircraft there would certainly be no airlines around. So the aircraft producer must create and product great aircraft that meet the needs of the flying community in order to have a valid reason for being in and staying in business. With concept aviation being on the horizon as far as virtual aviation is concerned some day all concepts , at some time become the standard of the day. Once a concept is mass produced in the real world or even the virtual world it then takes its natural journey towards self standardization. It has been stated in many of my earlier mini articles that all concept designs risk going to that concept bone yard in the sky if they don't find stable or peminite places do employment. If you don't believe me just take a look at the avsim library or and look up some of the concepts that have been designed and have not found a place at virtual airlines or virtual charter services. They just sit there just like real world aircraft that have been placed out in the deserts of America. Well our goal is to address a crucial issue and this issue is how does the concept designer go about getting his designs into the fleets of the numerous VA functions or other MSFS functions so that these cool neo concepts have a great place to fly out there lives. I took it upon myself to ask several VA owners if they would include concept aircraft into their fleets and the number one thing that they all stated with regards to concept aircraft inclusion was the need for the concept to be less fantasy based and more reality based. Well I am sure that this surprises no one as VA functions strive for ultimate realism. Of the VA owners that I talked to they all seemed to agree that concepts and real world aircraft should be separate from each other at the VA. This got me to thinking about a whole new idea that VA owners could adopt and this is the idea of the concept design department. What the concept design department can consist of at the local Virtual Airline is the department that is separate from the rest of the standard real world aircraft sp the pilots are fully aware of what section is all real world based aircraft and what are potential real world aircraft. The concepts can be assigned the same normal flight routes as the real world aircraft if these craft have the operations specs to achieve these routes that's. The concept design department should have a person to facilitate the operation of this department and insure that these aircraft are being flown and flight time is being logged. If concept aviation is to reach its peak at some point it must be given a perminate place of inclusion in the one place that sustains the virtual simming community and this is at the Virtual Airline....



In our last mini article we looked at where we are going as far as concept aviation is concerned and we reached a very interesting point with respect to its direction. This article will be devoted to what is will take to bring concept aviation into the MSFS user mainstream. The first thing that users of concept have to realize is that simulating concept aviation and designing concept aircraft is very different then recreating real world aircraft. If concept aviation is to become a main stay in the area of virtual simulating then the budding concept designer has to dig deep with in his/herself to find never before great design to bring to the world of concept aviation. This industry as a whole may be hard for some designers to maintain long term as it will require designers and groups to follow the path of certain designs such as the Cessna 152 that our real world counterpart did in their heyday. Concept aviation is pledged by one great obstacle and this is the desire of sim pilots to use there simulators to recreate real world aircraft. The concept designer must actually travel the road of the real world designer more or less by designing, and marketing his/her designs to the community at large and get the community to see their designs as the next step in virtual aviation and not just some weird idea that would never fly in the real world. After all the Cessna 152 that one fly's in the simulated sky's is only a replica of the real thing so why shouldn't diehard flight simmers see these neo concept aircraft as being more along the lines of being designed for them specifically? Concept design groups would then be seen in a new and different light and be the Boeings of FS aviation!! We believe that for every real world design company like Cessna , Boeing , and Beechcraft that there can be a great simulated company like MoTIS or Aeroworks. While the concept designer is an important part of the growth of this industry they will need the community as a whole to help develop this neo concept arena and  I would say that the VA pilot and the VA are at the heart of this undiscovered country. We need pilots and VA's to see the need and the usefulness of concept designs in their fleets. All new concepts need exposure to the simulating public in order to make there mark because with out this many of these great designs will just fade into obscurity.

Concept aviation is a two way street between the concept designer and the  neo concept users. If the two don't meet in the middle there can be no fulcrum by which to advance this great  and undiscovered industry..



When I think of a great aircraft certain real world aircrafts come to mind. The Boeing 707,  Lear 23, Cessna Sky hawk, and others. And while there are numerous other aircraft designers that produce and distribute great aircraft why are some aircraft more noticeable or successful then others? Some may think that its because of marketing, advertising , or even the fame the big corporations who build them weld. The real reasons may be so numerous that it is hard to say exactly why but what is known is that some aircraft are held in super high esteem like the SR 71 or the Boeing 747. The one thing that is certain is that no matter why people remember the aircraft the thing that makes the great ones worth remembering is a careful mix of quality in design, and history of service. Concept aviation is really not about any of this stuff but concept aviation is about seeing the future or the next level of aviation. Concept designs should and can be on the cutting edge of design in every area. From creating Navy sub hunters, to designing the next level of passenger transport aircraft the concept designer really is seeing the future. So what should that future be?, and can anyone person or group say? The answer to that one is no! The only thing that is certain is that concepts are the back bone of change and growth in any industry. If MSFS concept designers only create concept variants of pre-existing real world aircraft all we will do is continue to recreate great real world designs and never take the risks to come up with great new ideas. This in and of it self can have a long term affect as concept design in MSFS aviation is defiantly giving virtual pilots new choices and at the same time stimulation the imagination .So the topic of this article is what's hot and what's not. Well this area of flight simulation is really still in its infancy so it is really hard to say what is hot! At this point its the what's not that is the real issue. If designers don't create new ideas in flight simulations then there can be no future for concept aviation at all. The thing that designers need to be aware of is that concept aviation as far as FS aviation goes is still a baby by comparison to standard FS designing of other great real world aircraft.

As far as we are concerned what's hot is designing and what's not is not sharing your great creations with the world.....



FS simulation is perhaps the one and only hobby that can probably be considered more a passionate none paying job then a hobby! Flight Sim designers provide the back bone of this great industry and the pilots get to live out there life's fantasies by being the pilot that he or she can not afford to be , chooses not to be or is and is just having a great time simulating the real world of aviation. FS simulating has opened up a world of fun , training for real world future employment , and it has single handedly provided great opportunities for the small business man to engage in the honest rendering of services  and products to members of the FS community by providing them with quality third party utilities and aircraft and scenery. In my opinion flight simulation has a great future and a long life and I was asking my self as I usually do; where will the next few decades of flight simulation take us all? The reason that I have asked myself this question is that most designers and producers of add on's for flight simulation truly provide the life's blood of this great hobby and as we get closer and closer to recreating a simulated reality will we reach a point where we can truly go no further?? Most designers who create add on aircraft for FS environments strive to create Boeings and Cessna's down to the letter and many have very professionally already succeeded! If we continue to create these same aircraft year after year only adding new animations and effects will this be enough to keep the flame of flight simulation alive long term?? Well this brings me to the point of this mini article. Is there a future for concepts in Flight simulation? My opinion is :YES!! I see flight sim concepts designs as the next best thing to designing real world aircraft. This arena is really an untapped market for the third party designer and can be the future of simulation period! Why I say this is that creating new designs is not only following in the foot steps of many great real world designers but it is giving the community at large something new and exciting and different then just creating ten or twenty models of the same old designs over and over again. FS concept design could really be the future of FS third party design and in the process start a whole new ideology around members of this community seeing our world as more then just an off shoot of reality. I think that we still have a long way to go before designers will start to real mass produce there ideas and have them be accepted as standards in this community at large but I believe also long as designers keep putting there own ideas out there this will be a great start in possibly creating a new direction that FS design will start to go in.  .



FS Virtual Airlines all over the internet have become the place where flyers of aircraft come to get the divine experience of flying for a virtual company. Most of these airlines pride themselves in flying only real world aircraft and real world routes. Well the other day I was thinking, and I asked myself a question, "Is there a place for a concept aircraft at a VA that is striving to mirror a real world airline?". Concept aviation have been around for a long time in the real world and even the world of simulation, but if you go to the average VA you will see very fast that there are very few neo concept aircraft in there fleets! Flight simulation has already succeeded in recreating reality down to the letter so concept aircraft should have a great place at your local VA as the real world and virtual design groups designing great neo concepts have great parallels. The concept aircraft should be seriously explored by many VA's as they have a capacity that the real world needs in order to push on into neo possibilities for aviation and aeronautics. This idea is imagination. Imagination can be the boundary between simulated reality and the conceptual reality and the neo concept that a VA pilot fly's is on the cutting edge of simulated design-i.e a simulated reality.  So while simulating reality is a great need at your local VA keeping things fresh and exciting should defiantly be a consideration for any CEO with aspirations of generating Virtual pilots and keeping them on staff. 

Having new and exciting aircraft to fly tend to keep things fresh and exciting for the virtual and  real world pilot at any VA.

One other important thing that concepts can add to a VA is fun and new choices. We believe that a 747 virtual captain loves his job , but even the most dedicated VA pilot has to get bored after takeoff just pushing the auto pilot and watching the screen and speaking as a real world pilot myself, I need hands on an aircraft and some excitement to go along with it and pushing that one button has never done it for me!

Concept aviation in my opinion is the next step for simulation and if we all just keep designing the same old aircraft after each simulation upgrade with out creating a new arena of fun and new expectation then flight sim may one day reach the point where people say been there and done that!!

Concepts are the next logical step in virtual aviation so designers design um, and VA CEO's get them into your fleets..........    



This arena of concept design and development is a fast up and coming area of legitimate FS design. Although concept aircraft have been around every since simmers have been loading up there simulators, it seem that over the last two years and with the release of FS 2002 concepts designers have come up with some truly great stuff. A friend of mine recently asked me on first glance if one of the aircraft I was flying was the SR 71 and I said," NO!" It was a great design from AEROWORKS called the SR 75. This question got me to thinking about that question and that question is the focus of this mini article. Are certain concepts less concept designs and more variant designs of per-existent real world aircraft. Most concept designers pride themselves in coming up with a fresh and new idea ,while some are just first time designers just looking to try out something new and fun. So what ever group you fit into to the question to ask yourself is what makes this new idea: a new idea!?

There are some many aircraft that have been designed in just that last 100 years that some times coming up with a whole new design can be a challenge. Ask yourself what do I want this thing I am designing to do?, How will it fly? ,and who will care in the end!!!? Well if your goal as a designer is to come up with something great and new than chances are that your creation might look weird at first as you will probably try as much as possible to stay away from real world influences, but if you are like most of us your imagination will more then likely be sparked by a SR 71 of F14 Tomcat or something like that. Chances are that you and everyone else will make some correlation to something that we already know of and some will see things in that design that you have no clue was there in the first place. So what ever the design if you are going for true originality then beware as some no matter what you create will see it as just a cool variant of an already great real world design, and in the end that is really a great compliment and a form of flattery to be compared to a great real world designer.

The final difference may exist in the eye of the beholder.......


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