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  The FSREALITY philosophy is the basis of the MoTIS online design philosophy! Our goal is to take never before seen or flown or developed neo concept designs and make them standard launch projects into the MSFS simulated environment! This is a bit different from the standard fantasy concept development mission that pre-existed the MoTIS ERA, as we are taking each and everyone of our design through each and every step as the real world design firms of the past have! We are building the inside of the aircraft from VC's, to great manuals, to the electrical systems and the like, while explaining them to you in real time!!! We are not concerned about release times so much as we are not trying to represent the FS add on mission in standard flight sim operations exclusively, but we are striving to create a true renaissance in flight simulation, while executing the base of our stated mission form day one to give the world the very best of "OUR OWN DESIGNS"

 FSREALITY is a term coined by team MoTIS that exists to express the fully functional mission of creating an online virtual concept aircraft development company that follows all the standard missions and goals of a real world design firm like Cessna or Boeing!

 This mission is not just about pay ware development at all as if it were, we surly would have not waited almost three years to get our point across and do this right the first time around!

Our mission is to be the worlds first (and at this point we are-humbly) fully integrated virtual neo concept aircraft development firm ,making all of our aircraft as if we were a standard real world functional aircraft developer and this is the basis of what the MoTIS FSREALIY movement is all about!

 We are not so concerned with making ultra high quality FS aircraft as we are with the total idea development and FS integration of our technical ideas and technologies into the greatest channel in the world, the FS simulated environment!! So what we are saying in short is, "The simulated environment has become the store house container of the real world reality potential of the MoTIS neo concept aircraft of the future"!

We hold the literal FS environment environment to be a literal alternate universe where great ideas can take root and becomes the container of the great mental potential of all FS designers and as there is really no limit to the possibilities of what can be created in this environment we must concede that this is a form of reality indeed, if nothing more then FSREALITY!

As applied to all external developed neo concept aircraft to the MoTIS design mission, the FSREALITY banner is also awarded to a neo concept aircraft developed in a category that is so good and so real that it must be considered FS real verses fictive in any stated platform or web forum. Only special winners to the CDA development award will get this special mention to their designs

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