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Development Story:

The MoTIS ENSURECTAR is one of the most unique neo concept aircraft in the MoTIS inventor cache. As team MoTIS exists as a total neo concept production and real time testing division we have designed a great stealthy , high altitude, long range bomber.  This aircraft is not designed to be a fighter, or interceptor but a strike air dominance bombing specialist The V WAVE as she is know as by MoTIS Beta testers is among numerous neo concept bomber concepts that we have in the 2D-3D translation boards but this aircraft is very different because she is designed to perform so many duties associated with the old school S.A.C (Strategic Air command bombers fleets).

As team MoTIS has a very unique design philosophy, all of our neo concept aircraft air frame designs are first tested in the MoTIS Beta-Liners stress and `intensity evaluations. This is a brutal testing regimen where some of our designs actually don't make it into full 3D CAD production.  As our testing labs are still being developed ,very soon you will see exactly what we mean by just how intense that it gets as we, student designers use these programs  as a reasonably good modeling venue to assess real world design principles. The V WAVE is designed and developed by O. WATSON as its primary design engineer and she was first designed in the winter of 2003. The V Wave is a high altitude long range bomber aircraft but in the initial testing phases we have found two new missions for this exciting and sleek aircraft. She is a bomber by first mission and the rest of her data is classified until further notice but she is rumored to seat 5 and contain several wing warping technologies on board.... This aircraft is the joint design work of O. Watson and J Guess and is under massive data testing in our virtual testing labs... Inspired by a potential needed replacement to the Rockwell B1B Lancer bomber , the ENSURECTAR is designed to be an ECM platform as well as a long range stealthy aerial bomber. Beyond the need for an bombing aircraft that can stay airborne almost indefinably, this aircraft truly needs to encompass numerous technologies from the U2 program, and the SR 71 mission objective program.

The  V Wave is  using a super innovative neo concept propulsion system developed by MoTIS designs and is called the, High Compression Vortex Generation Amplification Waveform Induction Thrusting System.( HCVGA-WITS or HIGH WITS for short) . This flux propulsion system is totally neo to the world and its function will be outlined soon at the EXCEL AERODYNAMICS LABS...

The attempt at a mach 4 aircraft design is not the real design conflict for this type of product but finding a realistic fuel exchange source to generate effective and efficient thermodynamics mass to fuel transfer ratios presented us with a major problem in the initial design of the HIGH WITS engine system.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the thermo signatures of this aircraft heat signature is that the variable exhaust engines have ducted pulse generation systems on board that allow for the generation of what team MoTIS is calling dummy trails that will exist as staging deviations for ground to air heat seeking missiles,. in short variable vector high energy vapor signature will confuse surface to air missiles giving the V WAVE greater degrees of indirect air defensive capabilities . Among one of the most needed functions inherent o this aircraft is its ability to operate at ultra high altitudes at or above 91,000ft agl. The MoTS VIPER WORKS took on this project in an attempt to accurately model this design concept around another super neo concept ideology in the area of vortex thrust propulsion. The chemical nature of finding a realistic fuel source for this type of engine falls with in the scope of our capacity to accurately produce a realistic theoretical model for the engine concept that we have tested in this airframe model. The engine that we have designed to power this war horse is probably just as important as the air frame design itself.The WAVE is fitted with internal belly mounted liquid h202 and Oxygen propulsion vats in order to achieve JATO thrusting power where the density of the atmosphere is decreased.

This aircraft is design to provide only one role in its design mission function , and that is the capacity to remain airborne in what we are calling an environment rich pilot/lodging duration.. In short the pilot is strapped in for tours of 72 hour tour duty!! The pilot is attached to biorhythmic apparatuses that monitor blood pressure, urinary outputs ,and liquid feeding tubes via the duration of the flight tour... piloting the ENSURECTAR is not for the faint of heart.

Aircraft Construction Materials

The aircraft is built total of titanium breaded composite fibers and chemo sensitive solar detection inlays that are chemically treated right into the thermo expansive skin of the aircraft... The crystal lattice energies of these fibers are extremely strong and cause this aircraft to glow when the skin has been fully stretched, the power trapped into the solar detection inlays are then used to power redundant electrical systems and the nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries systems are then auto recharged via step up solar inlay step up transformers.