As several of our neo concept airliners are in translation, and are truly way out designs of the far out future( in design and not virtual release that is...), team MoTIS will now be pushing our super M-series airliners out into the virtual skies!  Our NOW GENERATION creations are designed to function in the current world of aircraft design and not designed to function as some far futuristic place in time!  The aircraft is packed! She is built with over head panels, full VC , full internal views, and a detailed POH with start up procedures and such. We have spent years and years of behind the scenes development on this aircraft and are now ready to start her public flight tests! As every new idea starts in the minds eye, the M100 and all neo concept aircraft for that matter had to have a birth date! The first place a great idea comes from in the imagination, then with what we have called AEROCRAFT MAGIC, that idea is brought into the light with a pen and pad! From a humble 2D drawing board, some of the greats creations in aviation history have been conceived!

The full effects of a great paint job can totally change the over all make up of any aircraft! The M100 has received a basics metallic paint spray from our internal painting department! She is almost ready to make her first full cross country flight via the VATSIM servers!


The MoTIS M CLASS of airliners is about to preview in an even bigger way with the first few variants of the M100 series of airliners! The M120 will be a stretched version of the M100 and will be a longer ranged aircraft! The MoTIS M130 will be the business version of the M100 series! The future of the M100 variant class is planned all the way up to the M190GX! The GLOBAL EXTREME, as she will be called will be designed to be an ultra exotic aircraft that will be designed for virtual military service and super luxury liner operations. more to come soon! Avionics changes and multiple out fits will exits in each and every upgrades aircraft. Above is a presented list as to what M CLASS M100 variants are being planed at this moment!

M100 M120 M130 M177 CARGO
Standard commercial transport

*Standard stretched high range

*Standard business layout aircraft- CLASS LUXURY

*Parcel cargo aircraft

The M-series will be like the BOEING series of aircraft and the AIRBUS A310 and beyond, she will seat between 100 -200 passengers and be built for economy cruising! We will be using one standard airliner development system to create a whole inventory of airliners for potential virtual markets!

 The M 100 is the smallest version of a larger class of neo concept aircraft know as the M CLASS CARRIERS. With the M100 officially being named the M100, we felt it would be better to preview this as our 100th aircraft in keeping with how detailed and complex we made this aircraft in question! THE MODEL IS LOADED and will truly become our entering stage into professional grade concept aviation!

The road to the development of a true to life design concept can be long and tiring, but the end result is always a job well done if and when your inner vision becomes the translation of ideas in the inner mind.

The MoTIS design and development mission has bee a long and hard labored project that has been well under way since 2002. Online that is! After 100 design later we are truly just getting started!!! Today we are presenting you with a celebration of sorts. The MoTIS M100-M is one of the most exciting neo concept aircraft in the MoTIS development cache.

The will makes the mind express the inner visions of the imagination and then the hand and mind work in conjunction to make the mind , imagination, and will manifest the thought as a crystallized idea on paper. Once the paper meets the thought, then the 3D CAD programs of the current time meet the idea by making three blueprints being the top, side, and front views of what was first seen in the minds eye, into harmony with the full CAD program awesome out put expression of a 2D mental image into a 3D mental CAD expression!

For here in the world of FS development and design that would be enough, but if you were building a real world creation as and RC aircraft or other wise, then the CAD design would next meet the atom in the form of bringing materials of the earth into harmony with the physics and aerodynamics of flight!

This process is magic under any term and this is why we call the development and design of a neo concept aircraft, AEROCRAFT MAGIC!!!

At team MoTIS we use FSDS v3, MAYA, GMAX,ANIM8TOR, and AUTO CAD to make the mind meet the 2D reality in these awesome CAD programs. We don't swear by any one program as they all have there limits and benefits!

We have been hard at work for the past 2 and half years developing this sleek passenger transport vehicle. The story of the M100 and her sister series aircraft is a long and exciting one at best but let me start by giving you the basics. The M100 was seen in the mind of lead design at team MoTIS O Watson on June 12th 1999 and was envisioned to be a neo concept replacement of the aging aircraft fleet of today. First off, the M100 was not officially names the M100 at first naming. The M100 as a 2D paper trial aircraft (ALSO VIEW  - 2D CONCEPT HANGER  2D HOLDING AREA) and was known as the M38-AJ FANTASY LINER. The FANTASY LINER that the M100 evolved out of in fact looks nothing like the current M100. Over time we may in fact release the actual FANTASY LINER 2D design draft but for now we will save that for another time.

The M100 has been designed to be a hub hopper as we have called it. The aircraft will be function in numerous environments and serve the virtual airlines community in numerous ways! This aircraft was built taking into consideration the needs of virtual pilots all over the VA world and the M100 will be a first aircraft ergonomically designed exclusively with the VA pilot in mind.

As team MoTIS will be building over 25 neo concept airliners over the next year we have gathered a neo concept VA consulting team in conjunction with some of your most favorite VIRTUAL AIRLINES to help us meet the needs of VA pilots, with respect to having you ideas go into the aircraft that you will fly in to the next generation of the FSREALITY movement!

The M100 is designed to seat approximately between 140 and 160 passengers and a cabin crew of three attendants. the M100 has an approximate maximum range around 3450 nm's and is an ideal aircraft as a short range or long range hub hopping aircraft. One of the main things that we wanted to put into this aircraft is the feeling of a big little mans aircraft, meaning that the M100 is loaded with amenities but the aircrafts dimensions give her a super spacious feel and the effect of being bigger then she really is!

The M100 has very similar specs to the BOEING 737-900 series but it is easy to notice at first glance that the M100 looks like an aircraft on stilts , as she sits up so high on titanium reinforced gear struts. The reason for designing an aircraft with this high up configuration is to make the M100 available for massive types of STOL missions where she will take advantage of numerous differential run way materials. Also in short a higher ground altitude makes run way debris and foreign matter into the engine induction system much more difficult.


Note: All of these concept cars  are from the design staff of the MoTIS CAD engineering board and our CEO. We do not copy others work or design real world concept aircraft at all. Each of our aircraft are from our heads and are the sole intellectual property of MoTIS and we can prove it. We take great pride in all of our true concept designs and do not create real world ground vehicles, ,but stand by our mission statement in truly creating "OUR OWN DESIGNS"

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