Welcome to yet another venture with in the scope of MoTIS INDUSTRIES expansion mission! VIRTUAL ARCHITECT is all about the future of total architectural development MoTIS style! We will be contracting virtual development products all over the simulated world, and building in some of the most remote places, some of the most ultra diverse architectural wonders on the planet! Our first dynamic project has been a two year behind the scenes build on the new MoTIS DFL development factory  project!  We will be rising several super sceneries all around the virtual world! This building project is just the first building of the MoTIS business campus! MORE SOON....

At this current moment we are designing and developing the Destiny Flight Labs!

Terms & Conditions
All the photos ,logos ,Trademarks, and designs are the sole property of the MoTIS Industries. We (MoTIS VJD) are a full fledge third party FS business and not a VA in structure or function. While we use simulations to test and prove certain neo concept ideas we in no way are just a MSFS/ XPLANE flight simulations function but exist beyond the world of simulations as an applications division using simulations to test theoretical or concept ideas for MoTIS copyright and patent uses.

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