Are you interested in purchasing some of our great neo concept creation? Well its really very simple. First you need to understand exactly what we are trying to achieve in previewing so many aircraft in full time real aircraft development. After that you will have a full understanding of what you are seeing in our internet based neo concept development labs. Read here on what we are all about! What is MoTIS

Next we ask that you send us an email regarding aircraft sales and we send you a link for purchasing! That's it!


Please understand that the MoTIS neo concept development mission is not conducted for the exclusive goal of selling flight simulated aircraft. We are a full slated neo concept design and development group that is using the flight simulated environment to channel our unique concept designs for copyright and patenting. This is one of the very reasons that numerous MoTIS concept designs are not for sell as once sales of a concept has been started before patenting then all legal patenting would then be impossible!

So we let you enjoy the virtual  visualization and development of numerous designs and only release the ones that are not being considered for patent into the general community for sales and such.

In simple this means that our mission is not based exclusively on the delivery of flight simulation third party development products at all. We have stated this numerous times over the years.  We are using the numerous simulator platforms in a variety of different ways to achieve the total design and development of neo concept technologies in an E-Manufacturing environment. While we do sell our product to many (Mostly via our SBP offline) we have stated that we are not a full fledged third party developer striving to achieve the same goals of full stated third party developers.  Our mission was and is to create a complete neo concept environment where imagination and concept development  meets design and development science!

"We are not attempting to emulate the standard third party addon development mission in the world of flight simulation exclusively."

So send us a link now that you understand our mission and get flying some great new prototype aircraft under real time development!


Just send us an email and tag it with: I WANT TO BUY AND FLY SOME NEW AIRCRAFT TODAY!

Email us for download instructions: motisvirtualjetdesign@yahoo.com

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