Team MoTIS is one of the first E-manufacturing design and development groups in cyberspace that exists to execute a mass productive neo concept design and development mission using virtual prototyping and visualization techniques within various simulation modeling programs to display our brand of innovative neo concept designs.  We exist to channel our stated original neo concept virtual technologies into the world of flight simulation across multiple simulation platforms. After full online testing and aircraft workups we then release several of these stated virtual technologies into the world of simulation via our freeware or payware release venues selectively. This being the case MoTIS is always an ongoing work in progress. " IN NO WAY OR FORM DOES MoTIS REPRESENT ITSELF AS A REAL WORLD AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY". We are a cyber based concept development group using flight simulation platforms for the virtual prototyping and visualization of our very own neo concept design!" E-MANUFACTURING means that all of our work is conducted in the virtual Computer Aided Design(CAD) environment.

All of our aircraft data is gathered using the XPLANE design suite and other third party aerodynamics software. Then our visual models are refined in MS flight simulator because of its visualization capabilities. From our very first introduction in the world of flight simulation in 2002 team MoTIS strives to be different  with respect to sharing our products with the world. We attempted to explain the purpose of our unique mission in detail from our inception but as our mission looks so similar to a standard design operation many have been confused. What we are doing is very different from the standard addon developers missions and this has caused some basic confusion, as traditional simmers have been use to quicker aircraft development and higher quality eye candy then what we have been showing in our initial basic prototype designs. We have actively approached an area of simulation that we chose to enter to execute the MoTIS mission, which on the most basic level is to share all the creative concept designs with the world of simulated , real world , experimental , and concept aviation via Microsoft simulated expression. As MoTIS has striven to make it ultra clear that we are more then a freeware release group and more then just a payware group with a quick fix release mission, many have sadly misunderstood the scope of our mission and have indirectly tried to get us to follow the same path of freeware designers and have mistakenly or purposely tried to degrade our mission by comparing it to a standard freeware/payware designing mission. Our primary goals have been in keeping with our primary development mission , which is to design only concept aircraft, to preview aircraft in real time development previews, and finally release well tested and developed simulated aircraft for public consumption irrespective of standard development times. To a standard FS flyer that would seem to make no sense, as design for them have a limited product lifecycle as other freeware and payware developers keep upping the design standard tending to make earlier work reduced to lower value as progress keeps building in the world of simulation as a whole.

 At MoTIS we have designed extreme numbers neo concept aircraft that have been translated into first prototype designs and test flown under a real time test flight division.  At MoTIS we are truly focused on "design and development".  MoTIS has established itself as a leader in virtual concept aviation not to step on the feet of other providers in any development genre. Our announcements of historical first as neo concept payware providers of our neo concept designs has been of a matter of flight sim historical fact. Nor do we care to engage in any negative or competitive conversations with any designers or the public in general in any way as we humbly ask for you to serve your public anyway that you chose as MoTIS is not executing its mission to compete with any designer at all.   While we use simulations to test and prove certain neo concept ideas and we in no way are just a MSFS/ XPLANE flight simulations function. We are using simulations in a long standing capacity  to test theoretical or concept ideas for MoTIS copyright and patent uses exclusively. Please understand that the MoTIS neo concept development mission is not conducted for the exclusive goal of selling flight simulated aircraft. We are involved in simulation for the science of the design of never before seen neo concept aircraft. We are ultimately using the flight simulated environment to channel our unique concept designs for copyright, patenting, and testing purposes. MSFS gives us great visualization potential while XPLANE allows us to collect real time data. This is one of the very reasons that numerous MoTIS concept designs are not for sell as once sales of a concept has been started before patenting then all legal patenting would then be impossible! So we let you enjoy the virtual development of numerous designs and only release the ones that are not being considered for patent into the general community for sales and such. As stated above, " IN NO WAY OR FORM DOES MoTIS REPRESENT ITSELF AS A REAL WORLD AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY". We are a cyber based concept development group using flight simulation platforms for the virtual prototyping and visualization of our very own neo concept design!" E-MANUFACTURING means that all of our work is conducted in the virtual Computer Aided Design(CAD) environment.  

In simple this means that our mission is not based exclusively on the delivery of flight simulation third party development products. We want all to come to our website and share in the innovation and creativity  as we explore now ideas and innovation on a daily basis! We have stated this numerous times over the years.  If you feel the quality of our previewed aircraft are low then you are correct as these aircraft are in the testing phase and not marked for full high quality development as of yet. The MoTIS M100 is an example of an aircraft hat has made it past the prototype phase and it undergoing high quality production. We are using the numerous simulator platforms in a variety of different ways to achieve the total design and development of neo concept technologies in an E-Manufacturing environment. Our mission was and is to create a complete neo concept environment where imagination and concept development  meets design and development science!

"We are not attempting to emulate the standard third party addon development mission in the world of flight simulation exclusively."

If you are not interested in this kind of mission as related to concept development through real time product distribution and  concept design we wish you success as there are great groups out there that offer standard forms of simulating or third party purchasing.

If how ever you are an experimental, concept, prototype development, or extreme aircraft enthusiast then MoTIS is the place for you!  Continue to experience what we have to offer as we display a brand of virtual aviation that mixes FS Flight simulation concept development and virtual technologies into to one integrated platform!


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