The M100 was tested at 6:30 P.M. est on 08/22/2006 for best rate of climb data and best angle of climb....

In this shot we are doing a best angle take off to see what kind of performance she's got! The VC has not even been textured yet! So you know this aircraft will be a peach when its all finished up!!! Panel still in development and autopilot area is totally bare at this test phase The chase plane meet wild Billy L out on the runway to get our 12th test flight under way! as we get the aircraft taxied into position we are given clearance from the tower to get under way! We took the SAVAGE up on this test flight to play chase plane to view the M100 for any unusual leaks and such as we pulled hard angles! With an advancement of the throttles we are rolling down the runway and ready to get the climb performance tests under way! All data from today's test flight data and others will be gathered at our beta testers data display website! A full mathematical and graphical work up will be present there!

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