As MoTIS manages its neo concept assets( PAY WARE AND FREEWARE PRODUCTS), today marks a sad day for the developing history of the MoTIS REGALA. The MoTIS REGALA will be moved off the production line and be left as a medium quality internal testing aircraft known as the MoTIS REGALA TEST X1 or RTX1. There is still a chance for you to fly this aircraft as freeware by contacting us via email to get a BETA copy of her in production mode ONLY! The BETA mode of the REGALA will not represent the complete internal model that you see in the screen shots above but this will give you an example in what's to come in the sister upgrade of the RTX! known as the RXM, and she is a monster in the REGALA evolution

Today announces the first day of the full service of the MoTIS REGALA as internal testing and virtual engineering test platform aircraft! Get ready to basically see this aircraft design turn into a virtual testing science lab aircraft! We are going to run this aircraft in the ground refitting her with all sorts of test engines and new avionics technologies and such and she will be the new work horse of the MoTIS BLACK PANTHER beta testing pilots big aircraft testing aircraft. The REGALA is a super efficient regional feeder liner aircraft that will not be entering full service via virtual operations! Instead this aircraft will be decommissioned as a virtual airliner aircraft and re applied to the MoTIS internal division AIR REAL TESTING SYSTEMS division. The bad news is that this fine aircraft will never enter virtual service but the great news is that the sister ship of the REGALA , known as the REGLA XM will be previewing in a short while and virtual regional operations will be conducted in this sweet replacement! In the eyes of the MoTIS development staff the REGALA represents old technology in a changing world!

The REGALA has been upgraded and is a full virtual service aircraft. The MoTIS AIR RAIL SYSTEM is a super new testing cell with in the MoTIS EXCEL testing and development labs! This aircraft will be in the hands of all Sr. MoTIS test pilots by this week end but will be taken off the active development list for any further development. The REGALA XM is to be considered the modern evolution of this older technology aircraft! This aircraft is to become exclusively known as the REGALA TEST X1. The other prototype variants are to be scraped and shipped to the XROW design labs for parts harvesting immediately!


NOTICE: To all who are not aware of an interesting FSREALITY based fact as of yet , team MoTIS is not just trying to simulate the function of a standard flight simulation function exclusively but instead exits to simulate the entire real world function of a fluid virtual manufacturing company, all online and in living color! So from a flight simulation stand point it may be very sad to see a great developing simulated wonder not be released for full public consumption but this is exactly what happens to aircraft proposals and designs at real world firms each and every day! We will soon be starting VA bidding wars for freeware development and super realistic community input work shops for potential aircraft that strive to get past the concept phase and first prototype phase of development and into what we will soon be revealing as our TRUE REAL TIME DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION MISSION!

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