Welcome to the MPL-MoTIS PROPULSION LABS. This website is designed to report on the on going testing of the neo-concept MoTIS created jets, rocket ,and engine propulsion technologies that the design engineers are testing  and are working on behind the scenes at MoTIS VJD.. The MPL TM-30 X2 LIPT is in the CAD production phase and the testing has not begun as of yet. Once we fit this engine system to the PETE platform then we will release much more info on this trendy new engine system!

The engine design and potential market.

The THRUST MASTER TM-30 X2 LIPT is a neo concept engine designed by O Watson to be a concept dual engine system on the MRT-90A and B. It is a speciality class engine that has an ultra high bypass system and the famed neo concept theroy of the LIPT sub system on board!.This aircraft will be fitted to other aircraft in the commercial concept class and has potiential for other uses but first we must test and prove the LIPT theoretical system during simulated testing... The MSFS programs along with the X-PLANE systems allow us to test the possibilities of our concept systems with out spending millions of dollars in R and D. MoTIS staff is also working on a full C++ testing tunnel to run all our testing concepts in. The specs on the TM-30 X2 LIPT will be released soon but for now the goal of our department is to build the complete engine system as we have done. This is a full MSFS internal combustion design with all animated parts and full opening and observations for the would be mechanic using the engine to simulated maintenance operations! All concept engines will come with new sounds to match their material compositions and vibration characteristics!

This department will be the most extensive as it will house the true engineering standards on the theoretical possibility of our designs! we will be previewing NASA provided analysis screen shots of engine and rocket dynamics and also exacting scientific data as proof of concepts for our designs. This is more for the engineering specialist and less for the simulation value as we are college educated designers using these programs but all data is for anyone so we are not striving for simplicity but ultra reality..


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