Saturday, 12. February 2005

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The Turboprop department will play host to all of the neo concept turboprop aircraft. This department will feature some truly functional aircraft for your simulating enjoyment.

The first aircraft that we are to preview at this department will be the MoTIS M -T15 TAMON

The TAMON is to be a great medium range medium utility cargo/passenger transport aircraft. This aircraft is truly unique to the MoTIS family of aircraft as it was designed and built all in 2003! Most of our aircraft have a longer  history and have been designed for many years and just never processed with Gmax or FSDS versions. The TAMON will carry a large cargo load and up to 15 passengers making this aircraft very different then anything that we have in our reality fleets. The TAMON will be delivered in two versions. The first version will be the version A model and the second version B. The second version will carry 20 people or additional cargo. The seats on the second version will be removable.  The aircraft is designed by O WATSON and Jennifer Guess to be a great neo concept aircraft. This aircraft does not exist and should not be redesigned and copied in any way.

MoTIS has been over two years in the making and we hope to deliver you great service and great neo concept designs!

We are very serious about designing concept aircraft only, which is why we have obtained legal copyright certification on all our neo concept designs from the library of congress. Please understand and respect that we are a total concept design and development group and that each of our aircraft models and designs are solely from us and do not exist in the real world in any way as of yet. As our aircraft are to be processed as FSReality aircraft we plan to see them developed into RC aircraft in the near future.


Today at 12:45PM the TAMON leaped off the runway at our KYIP testing facility and into the MoTIS history books! The ALPHA test pilot was our own president William Leclair!! The test flight was very short as the aircrafts first test airfile needs some definite tweaking.. The aircraft stayed in the pattern and was flown up to 3000 ft MSL just to get the feel of things. The aircraft was flown in FS 2004 and is set to be tested in FS 2004 on Thursday. The secondary complex painting to start in a few days. All in all it looks like MoTIS has done it again!


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TAMON Specifications:

Length:  in --- Wingspan: ft ---Height: ft ---Empty Wt: 1lbs---Wing areasq ft ---Wing Loading:  lbs/sq ft ---Engine: NA ---Max Thrust: NA ---  V Max hi:--- Ceiling:   ---Climb Rate: fpm ---Range: NA

To MoTIS Aircraft designation system READ MoTIS UPDATE HERE


Note: All of these concept aircraft are from the design staff of the MoTIS CAD engineering board and our CEO. We do not copy others work or design real world concept aircraft at all. Each of our aircraft are from our heads and are the sole intellectual property of MoTIS and we can prove it. We take great pride in all of our true concept designs and do not create real world aircraft, model aircraft variants or concepts, or other designers concept work at all ,but stand by our mission statement in truly creating "OUR OWN DESIGNS"

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All the photos ,logos ,Trademarks, and designs are the sole property of the MoTIS Industries. We (MoTIS VJD) are a full fledge third party FS business and not a VA in structure or function. While we use simulations to test and prove certain neo concept ideas we in no way are just a MSFS/ XPLANE flight simulations function but exist beyond the world of simulations as a real world applications division using simulations to test theoretical or concept ideas for MoTIS copyright and patent uses.

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