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The Design Market

The M22 has been designed by the engineers at MoTIS VJD to be a true air taxi jet server. Jetting people from their small home airports to major airports for transport to their final destination! The M22 is not a jet aircraft built for maximum speed but maximum efficiency in this  new aspect of the aviation industry!    

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The Wind Tunnel Tests

The M22 Wing Design will be the first item on the list for discussion!

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 The Airframe Chemistry  

The M22 is made of a Aluminum (Al 26.9mw) + Carbon fibers (C 12.0mw) {Al(x)C(x)} composite mix. This virtual mixture is called AluBon. This composite mixture makes the M22 one of the lightest weight jets in the world!

Al + C = Al_C_= Alubon


Note: This is not a real chemical. It is Created as a fictitious chemical to give a realistic design model to the M22 Air Taxi

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The Aircrafts Systems

The Breaking System:

The M22 has a internally gear driven breaking pump system. This system was designed by team MoTIS this way because the engine provides more thrust then the M22 actually weights. Well this is a great feature when in the air but on the ground the M22 has a tendency to roll because the engine power generated at idle is enough to push the super light Alubon composite fiber airframe. Without this type of breaking system the M22 would not be able to perform its new found aviation tasks!

Breaking System EX.

MT-HDR 500

The MT- Hydraulic Sweep Disk Relay System

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The Aircrafts Systems

The Flight Control Linkage System:

The M22 has an internal Titanium braded linkage system, linked to an on board monitoring system that records control system pressures and auto coordinates the amount of control input the pilot can continue to add to the maneuver being executed! 



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 The Engine  

 MoTIS engineers would like to take this time to introduce the power behind the plane, the MJ-4800 High Compression Noise Reduction Jet! This jet is designed and produced by MoTIS VJD and delivers a blasting 4850 lbs of thrust@ S.L to the M22 composite airframe!

Note: This jet engine will be covered in Virtual Test Pilot Magazine due out in October.

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