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NOTE: The numerous function buttons on the limited freeware panel are not active but are active on the upgrade panel!

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We will assume that you can taxi this aircraft into takeoff position with little conflict. The first thing to do is to set the parking break for takeoff.  The next thing is to watch the N1% power setting for smooth increase in power before you add takeoff power.


You will need to add full power and use full back pressure on the control yoke. (Note: Add major trim also as the main wings are set at a negative angle of incidence.) This will make for a need in more power at takeoff as the lift vector is not truly vertical with respect to the center of pressure (cP) and Center of gravity(cG).

At about 88%N1 rotate the nose and hold at about 10 degrees on the horizon gauge. Maintain back pressure on the yoke at all times during this phase of the takeoff! (If you are flying heavy then you may need to wait to rotate in order to build enough lift for flying off of a short runway.) Do not drop the nose as you may loss control of the aircraft at this point..

Once you get a positive rate of climb started please release the yoke back pressure and let the aircraft start to climb. Hold the throttle at full and do not drop the throttle at all yet!! The flight dynamics are created to simulate this aircraft as it would be designed for real world use. Thank the designer for that!

A little before leaving ground effect height( In this craft about 100 ft AGL), get the aircraft in a high rate of climb angle in order to prevent a speed conflict as this aircraft accelerates as a result of the simulated high thrust to weight ratio for this airframe.. A safe I.E. (Angle of attack) is about 20-30 degrees-Remember this is a high performance fighter and not an airliner so don't be sigh. Pull on her she won't break..

Once the climb A.O.A is established kill the power as you won't need it until the aircraft starts to stabilize into its climb. You will notice that this aircraft will try to over climb so don't forget to start a coordinated trim down with the trim tabs and use more trim then yoke to stabilize the climb rate.


Cognates you got it!

NOTE: The numerous function buttons on the limited freeware panel are not active but are active on the upgrade panel!



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