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The goal of the MoTIS neo concept development mission is to do something ultra unique by being the very first ever totally professional virtual neo concept design firm of the future! It is our mission to be the worlds first total and exclusively neo concept virtual manufacturing company in the world. As the MoTIS development mission is expansive, MoTIS focuses on not just the development of ultra cool neo concept aircraft to fly , but exists to establish a universal premise for the design and development of total neo concept aircraft systems period! These aircraft in question are not designed to be simulated rush jobs to rush into standard simulated entertainment venues but instead are heavy labored real time intensive products that have definite super real world application principles beyond the world of simulated reality!!!

The entire MoTIS development mission has been built upon itself one layer at a time. Each and every neo concept aircraft that you are previewing is the total and full design accomplishment of the MoTIS neo concept design and development staff. Not one of our aircraft is a real life replication what so ever! Each of the various departments with in our online web based manufacturing company (If you will), is a full fledged avenue into another facet of our dynamic mission and its objectives. What is even more amazing is the majority of our neo concept aircraft development cache come directly out of the mind of our primary neo concept aircraft designer, Mr. Otis Watson B.S.  Watson has a true vision for the world of simulated and/or no simulated aerospace and is using his tireless ambition, creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation to push the boundaries of his insightful vision on a daily basis via the MoTIS business agenda to create a new world of aircraft and a new concept of the future of aviation as a whole.  In so many ways Watson is MoTIS for without the vision and the aircraft there would truly be no mission or viable product  to strive to create, market , and sell...

 "MoTIS is a true pioneer in the area of virtual neo concept aviation as it pertains to flight simulation and we want all to be aware that the next generation of our over 600 neo concept designs will be better then the first phase of our mission in evolution!"

 It is also our fundamental mission to simulate the worlds first total virtual neo concept AEROSPACE engineering firm, making our own copyrighted and/or patented designs, the expansive goal for our unique mission is for our numerous designs is to  live, thrive, and evolve into real world potential neo concept technologies as expressed as first state FSREALITY CAD manufactured simulated reality products!

In the real world of aircraft design and development whole teams work on the development of these systems but we at team MoTIS have developed a team orientated approach to designing aircraft and we have coined the term of VIRTUAL AEROSPACE ENGINEER/VIRTUAL MANUFACTURING ENGINEER to designate our full student staff, that work tirelessly to give you a professional glimpse of what the future can be! The real world applications of our ideas and designs from time to time meet with conflict with our MSFS simulated design goals and business functions as MoTIS is quit intensive in its real time development mission compared to standard simulation modeling groups.

As so much of our mission is dependent upon new and consistent neo concept aircraft ideas for production, the next vital layer to our mission will be to truly and professionally bring you the manufacturing facility of the future in the MVET department!

We are the only function like this in the simulated genre (PERIOD) that is dedicated to the total development of neo concept aircraft, avionics, and true virtual technologies exclusively, and are in fact the very first catalyst where MSFS neo concept aircraft design and development was taken seriously and began to expand......

MoTIS is not just pushing the super eye candy development of simulated aircraft models but instead is pushing the mission of being a totally real time virtual aerospace engineering firm online! Just as there are virtual airlines and virtual airline pilots all over the world,  team MoTIS has tirelessly pushed the idea and implementation of the VIRTUAL AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING firm of the future as related to simulated aerospace design and development!

NOTICE: To all who are not aware of an interesting FSREALITY based fact as of yet. The design and development staff at team MoTIS is not just trying to simulate the function of a standard flight simulation functions exclusively but instead exits to simulate the entire real world function of a fluid virtual AEROSPACE manufacturing company all online and in living color!

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All the photos ,logos ,Trademarks, and designs are the sole property of the MoTIS Industries. We (MoTIS VJD) are a full fledge third party FS business and not a VA in structure or function. While we use simulations to test and prove certain neo concept ideas we in no way are just a MSFS/ XPLANE flight simulations function but exist beyond the world of simulations as an applications division using simulations to test theoretical or concept ideas for MoTIS copyright and patent uses.

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