The future of military aviation lies in the ability of the design firm to create a totally functional aircraft combat platform that can fill super roles in what ever the new theater of war may be! Several neo concept aircraft have been developed with in the MoTIS design arc and are suited to many super fighting and defensive roles , but recently our design team asked the complex question as to what a super neo concept nuclear bomber and carrier aircraft look like? Our question lead us to the idea of having a super fast, sleek, and high altitude aircraft that could carrier small weapons into virtual battle and then have the capacity to support the bomber wing itself, while remaining self contained! the mission objectives would be very simple.The aircraft has been nick named the WOLF VEIN.... The new fighter bomber would need to be its own fighter escort, its own radar logistics coverage, and its own contained drop bombing platform.


After trying several concept deigns to fill this task we settled on the  MF-SH-1EXV SPEAR HEAD! This aircraft design and configurations makes for an interesting case study design in the since that she is a eight heterogeneous power planted aircraft, mixing turbine technologies with RAM jet technologies, ands she is designed with carbon fiber and titanium (VIRTUALLY THAT IS) through and through!


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