Sport Planes and Neo Concept Kit Aircraft!

June, 2006











SPORT KIT was conceived in later 2005 by team MoTIS development staff to create a virtual atmosphere for experimental aircraft design  members to have their greater EXPERIMENTAL aircraft translated into MSFS simulations engines in order to test and fly them and experiment with simulating visual model and basic flight characteristics.

The developers at team MoTIS has developed the SPORT KIT concept development wing to fill the needs of the worlds true experimental pilots who love to use MSFS 2004 and beyond to simulate experimental aircraft flying.

This department is to be dedicated to the sport flyer in us all! We will be focusing our development skill at real world experimental aircraft developers who are in need of having their EXPERIMENTAL aircraft designed and developed to be flown virtually!

We will be working with several group to build experimental aircraft of all types on a contract basis. As real world flyers ourselves we are in a great position to do a super great job in the austenitic modeling and development of some of the worlds most excellent and exciting real world experiment aircraft on the planet!


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