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Q.1 What is the S.B.P.?

The MoTIS selective buying program is a specific way to place our numerous neo concept commercial products into the hands of  MoTIS customers who have embraced the scope and agenda of the MoTIS neo concept design mission form day one.

Q.2 Why is there a need for this type of function at MoTIS?

As team MoTIS never tried to follow the path of the standard FS world aircraft designing by designing Cessna's and Lear jets, our products are the sole authored work of our CAD design board and CEO. We are not trying to be a standard freeware release group either, just releasing our products in to the general public domain ,as the scope of our mission has changed and as such we have strived to maintain the integrity and over all functionality of our design mission and products.  As EULA's (End User Licensee Agreements) are legal outlines of how a product should be used , the S.B.Ps mission will allow for specific standards to be placed on the nature of our products as they are in fact not just slated for entertainment value only, the S.BP. in effect is to allow all buyers of our products ,  (after we release the results of the offline pilot  buying program ) ,which is now in affect and has been in affect for some time ,so none of our product patrons can  make any mistake in our long range directive.  As our products have not been designed to be the sole focus of the flight simulations standard design freeware  genre, we have the right to be represented in the scope that we in fact release our product and mission objectives, this program is the best way to maintain long range product quality control and bring our products to you in an atmosphere of good will and high functionality....

Q.3 Why set limits?

This program is not about setting limits at all but is designed to define the scope and contain the operational mission of the MoTIS neo concept design goals, if you take the time to fully research this underrepresented design arena (and we suggest that you do so ) as honest and unbiased persons,  in your research into the history of neo concept commercial design providers ,as they pertain to flight simulations all across the board, you will see that there are none to date except the MoTIS mission in this unique category! As team MoTIS is truly on the cutting edge of something big and new, and never done before we labored to do it right for all others who decided to come after us and use their god given talent to offer the world something of themselves also. This is the primary reason why we have stayed way away from excessive freeware releases. As the quality and professionalism that exist in the standard payware design community is very exceptional and as a first knocking down this door, so to speak, it is incumbent for team MoTIS to make sure that its products, and departments represent that type of quality. We have therefore preferred to share our designs online in the preview mode so as to give all public viewers a small but creative taste of just how far we plan to go in bringing them quality and creativity, and functionality in this truly undefined area. As some have been confused about the scope of our mission along the way, we do understand and if we were on the outside looking in I am sure that we would feel the same way, but as a mission as such as this has never been done in this capacity, we also understand that all new things look different at first but over time gain acceptance by those who truly understand the base mission and it is to that group that we wish to serve with the utmost quality, and professionalism.

Q.4 Who can join?

Anyone who is willing to abide by the rules of the SBP...

Q.5 What can I expect from SBP as a member?

Class A+ treatment! When you become a member we want you to feel like part of the family and not just some one who buys a product and then is gone with the wind! team MoTIS has labored long and hard to get this mission right for you. Consider this part of our mission as you the buyer are out looking for a great neo concept aircraft and we the sellers are using the SBP to provide you with the friendly forum to feel as though you are getting first class treatment as that in truth is the real goal of this mission! Some in the freeware world think it is just criminal to sell any thing that they can get for free and to those individuals, we do not wish to hinder, and ask that they find a group that designs for the pure fun of it but at team MoTIS our low cost neo concept aircraft are so reasonable that for the quality of what you will be receiving by comparison to projects at $29.95 at other main stream standard commercial producers , it will be like donations to our cause ,as we have already stated everything is below $8.00 no matter the quality! As this is a first endeavor in mainstream neo concept market creation , this in our eyes and the eyes of mainstream standard aircraft producers that we have questioned and received advise, and who have helped us in the data gathering for this achievement concerning commercial sales, is a real steal by everyone's calculations! Until there is a fully standardized neo concept design market this should be an industry standard for everyone...

Q.6 What are the reasons for special EULA assignments?

No one works hard on anything to have some disingenuous person come along an try to tear down what has been built and labored over. So in the spirit of good will the EULAs are to first protect the base and scope of our mission objective and second and lastly to help set standards for other neo concept designers that may want to trek the path of commercial neo concept aviation sales.  As these ideas are the designers own intellectual property , our EULAS will be very descriptive as to how you may protect the base of your product line from fraudulent individuals with hell bent missions of piracy, slander, liable, deformation, and product denigrations. as some people are not aware of the specifications in the laws of product licenses usage , team MoTIS as a law abiding group in good standing in our business community will conduct all of its business under strict EULA descriptive rules so as to avoid all potential purchasing misunderstandings before they happen.

Q.7 Is it legal to set special EULA agreements on commercial products?

ABSOLUTELY! It is the bases of the producers license agreement with the buyer of products in question. If you don't want the product,  go some where else its just as simple as that as no one is under duress to buy MoTIS products what so ever..

Q.8 Why should I join?

The MoTIS experience is cool, the products will be fun and exciting, and we have  influenced directly or indirectly the neo concept revolution. we will be doing some truly different and exciting neo things , and it will be the only way to buy for team MoTIS directly...

Q.9 Will there be a forums page?

MoTIS has a forums page already but prefers one on one chats with our patrons , but yes we will have a forums page update service once we get in full swing!

Q.11 Are there rules inside the SBP?

Once we get everything up and running that question will be answered inside...

Q.12 What information do I need to provide to join SBP?

Personal honesty information as team MoTIS has no time to serve anyone with a hidden agenda....

Q.13 What are reasons for termination form SBP?

Same as every where else in this world, unsavory behavior will not be tolerated. If all this sounds great we look forward to serving you, if not we will be glade to refer you to some other designer to service your needs! If you are not interested in this kind of mission as related to concept development through real time product distribution, and  concept design we wish you success as there are great groups out there that offer standard forms of simulating or third party purchasing.

Terms & Conditions
All the photos ,logos ,Trademarks, and designs are the sole property of the MoTIS Industries. We (MoTIS VJD) are a full fledge third party FS business and not a VA in structure or function. While we use simulations to test and prove certain neo concept ideas we in no way are just a MSFS/ XPLANE flight simulations function but exist beyond the world of simulations as a real world applications division using simulations to test theoretical or concept ideas for MoTIS copyright and patent uses.

Title 17 U.S. Code offers protection to the authors of "original works of authorship", including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. This protection is afforded to both published and unpublished works.


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