As the development staff at team MoTIS is invested in all things neo concept, here is the worlds first preview at the start of our full development push in the area of neo concept ground transport technology! The MoTIS/MOZARK ROUGH RYDER is the first fully developed concept monster truck- utility- RACING vehicle to come out of the MoTIS development mission! This neo concept truck is a true hybrid vehicle and will preview in full over the coming days! The Neo concept idea is the total design work of O WATSON and Jennifer Guess! The Rough Ryder is a super concept leap of faith into tying an old mission of total fun from the arena of monster trucks, with the hard cord world of hydraulic lifts and classy modern automotive ingenuity! The RR as she will be called is a super off road sport utility vehicle! The RR is inspired by the need for a next generation mountain vehicle merged with a high visibility and heavy endurance off road roadster!

  The RR has been nick named the MOUNTAIN CRAWLER and this fine vehicle will transport up to four passengers along with tons of cab cargo! The RR is the first true fully developed vehicle to come out of the MoTIS/ MOZARK AUTOMOTIVE DEPARTMENT. The RR is also to be the first car/truck to participate in a new MoTIS developed virtual sport called ALL OPEN DESERT RACING! The RR was seen in the mind of neo concept designer O WATSON in mid 2005 and was to become the basis of this new online sport called ALL OPEN DESERT RACING! We needed to make a vehicle that could be off road able and have the capacity for hard core racing in the engine that will power the truck! the RR comes in 3 standard variants and comes with a non-monster type street model configuration kit!

 As there is tons of desert and space in the simulated world team MoTIS wanted to give our virtual customers a chance to actively explore and use these areas all around the world in active racing/touring events! team MoTIS will be the pioneers of a totally new virtual sport for flight simulators all over the planet by starting the first NATIONAL SUPER TRUCK RACING ASSOCIATION- NASTRA

NASTRA will be a super online racing event that will put drivers from all over the net into high acceleration desert bed racing events all over the planet! Just imaging having your very own Rough Ryder in your teams colors racing for the soon to be famous HIGHLAND CUP! All rules for NASTRA to be added for public viewing soon!

Just imagine, getting into your private jet to fly your self to remote desert racing events where you hob knob with all  the big Whigs in the industry! Then you jump into your off road super truck and race for the GOLD!


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