NOTICE: As we are simulating testing new aircraft at this website, no pilot will ever just download an aircraft and go off flying on his/her own.  Ever.... As this is not designed to represent a freestyle VA function in scope or function... The mission of the VICELOR flight test school is to fly aircraft to gather data under specific flight rules and limits. (Real time beta testing online!- Smile something new!) All test pilots are to block off flying time in the one current aircraft that we have and to first read each and all rules concerning fling missions and such before any flight hours are logged.

As we are aware that other organizations are not necessarily as technical in their missions, consider that as a core neo concept development group that we are simulating real time flying down to the wire. As no two pilots will ever be flying the one aircraft at the same time, pilots must for go their eye candy excitement to fly new aircraft for the realistic pursuit of flying the one seat to each aircraft in cycles.( We will not be providing multiple down loads ever. As this is a real time test school and not a traditional VA function) You represent one pilot, flying one single mission, in your block of flight time. PERIOD. Keep in mind these test aircraft are prototypes and we are actually gathering data in real time on them. In the keeping with real world flying down to the wire, we have never known two pilots to be flying the same test aircraft at the same time unless the aircraft has two seat! That's why pilot must block off flight time..

 Plain and simple.

This integrated SIM mission is very different then the free flowing jump in an aircraft VA style that some have become use to. Please read all real time flying rules, ( AIRCRAFT TO FLY UNDER REAL TIME TEST FLIGHT RULES  ) as they are the standard at team MoTIS. After a flight model have become standardized then and only then will pilot be able to grab an aircraft and go! No one from today's date on , will ever go flying with out a pre-flight quiz. We will also be requiring flight videos on flights and screen shots on each and every recorded flight. More in the real time online flying rules. As a VICELOR test pilot/engineer you are an actual real time beta tester! This means that you are a mission oriented pilot and not a virtual pilot with out limits. each flight is about the business of gathering data first.

No pilot will ever down load an aircraft and hop offline and we see him/her a day later! Once a pilot has our copywrited files on their computers under EULA agreement you agree to all final flight rules in question. While we know that the excitement of flying a first new aircraft can be over whelming, you who are professional agree to these rules so as to remain flight ready for bigger and better test missions.



If your are here to just fly fun looking aircraft. This is not the flight SIM experience for you at all. We are a professional online alpha and beta tester school with standards and a mission orientated goal. Once anyone pilot is done flying his time block they must dump the aircraft CFG and await a new CFG for each and every flight! This means that once the test flight is over the aircraft is officially grounded! Once we get the complete aircraft standardized in process, that takes about two weeks, after the total production phase starts, then we will issue the pilot and all pilots for that matter a full licenses to fly the aircraft into the ground! On his/her own time they, after initial standardization ,can then have mad fun, but as an on duty test pilot/engineer its all business. The true fun is knowing that you are flying aircraft that no one else on the net have and once we make them available to the simulating public, That you are the real test pilots who made them safe for general public safety and  will have participated in standardizing a whole new aircraft from scratch!