Concept Realism Rating System

This system is designed by MoTIS VJD engineers and we hope that many concept designers will use the system to identify the realism value of there concept aircraft design. This will only help us all in the concept designing community and make users of our designs aware of there reality design value. The basic goal of the concept realism rating system is to assign each and every concept design that we produce a reality value. As this area of design and development is somewhat undefined as far as design standardization and how concept designs are perceived by the general simulating community we want to provide our designs with a rating that will be simple and easy to spot that will classify a particular concept design as being simple and easy to fly to being very realistic and requiring some training before you fly the aircraft. We believe that some simmers will enjoy flying a reality based concept design and there are also those who want to fly but with less of a reality value to the concept aircraft and as of the result of this we believe that reality value on our designs can help users define what the aircraft in question is all about before they fly it. 

System explanation:

A realistic aircraft design with some unrealistic characters - i.e. simple flight dynamics or unreal aircraft specs( more unrealistic but fun).

A realistic aircraft design that has medium reality qualities and is questionable as a real world design

A realistic aircraft that can be built in the real world and is aerodynamically sound in theory

Note: If you are a concept design feel free to use this system just give us credit for setting the system up. That it enjoy!

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