The MoTIS RANGER UAV is a super neo concept air to ground or air to sea interrogation aircraft. It is designed for US NAVY special launch operations and is non-combat capable. The RANGER is part of a family of UAV aircraft known as the "SNITCH HIGH SURVEILLANCE FLEET". This group of aircraft are slated to examine UAVs in numerous combat and non-combat roles.

The 1-XR UAV RANGER is a super prototype test bed aircraft that is being applied to super high speed UAV test trials aircraft. This version of the RANGER is a NAVY launch vehicle test product design (VIRTUALLY SPEAKING). The UAV is designed for fast launch and recovery mission from the deck of any typical carrier aircraft.

In so many ways UAVS are nothing more the highly glorified real to life sized RC AIRCRAFT that have found their place in a war time market that justifies high functionality in an aircraft and cost reduction. The RANGER is designed to be a true to life high end surveillance aircraft being packed with the highest levels of GPS technologies and infrared sensing equipment.

The RANGER is the sole design work of O Watson and J Guess. This aircraft is developed to be part of a UAV air force unit called the UNMANNED STRIKE AND REFLEX COMMAND. The ranger is a child aircraft to a super parent PIGGY back lifting aircraft called the MoTIS TRIAD ONE.



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