Now that we have flown the skies from humble beginnings we surly did rise
into the blue so far and wide our fathers vision was not denied....

We have in time so short indeed, created that which's fills our need- from engines, wings,
and airlines so true, we did what ever we had to do.... To ever expand beyond that day after
100 years we can surly say that faster and higher and farther we roar to reach the place
where the eagles soar.

If they could have but only seen what bicycle tire and wood would
gleam then they may have push to create more but no matter for in our century we will
explore what they didn't know we strive to show that bigger and faster was destined to grow
for in just 100 years of flight we can see that the sky reflects the best of you and me.

And the collective dream can still be seen on a 747 or a new Jet Stream...

So take that step and never look back for the aircraft and men have expressed our birth
right and the future was opened from an old bike shack when two men with a vision put us
all on their back.

The next step is more then a place in some time but the future is the
challenge of  matter and the mind.

For no father wants their sons to stay still- so all sons of aviation must embody the Wright
brothers will.

To see beyond sight and dream beyond night an build their great visions so that we all can
take flight and eternally fly with the sun at its height on that faithful great day when
the Wrights lit the light!


Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 by MoTIS INDUSTRIES. All rights reserved.