Be one of the first people on the planet to sign up to fly the M100 !

Want to be one of the first members of the virtual airlines community to sport the newest neo concept aircraft on the planet and attracts more VA pilots with a greater range of aircraft in the fleet? Want to be on the cusp of waiting for the next coolest virtual technology being designed and developed exclusively for our VA world? Then wait no longer! You need to be apart of the next generation in flight simulation! As a launch partner to MoTIS you and your VA will receive a EULA contract on a specially designed freeware aircraft for your fleet! You the VA owner will be doing business with us the VA neo concept fleet manufacture!

Now if that isn't as real as it gets then I don't know what is!

 To join in on the fun you will need to have  a virtual airline that is serous about integrating neo concept technology into your current fleet, paint shop pro programs to do high end repaints, and a desire to fly some of the newest aircraft being developed for our world! The world of virtual simulated reality! You will need to bid on contract against other VA's to get what we have for your VA and we will do all of this in real time and in front of the whole VA world!

Are you a VA wanting to start a special relationship with a super neo concept development team to develop first ever stated development mission and neo concept aviation application of new technology at your website? Team MoTIS is developing numerous super airline technologies behind the scene and you can be the first to fly the aircraft of the future for free! All you need is a standing VA and at least 20 active pilots that can be proved by viewing your VA online! Membership is free and you will receive monthly reports on the secret development projects in your branch of virtual aviation that are brewing for your future flying needs!