Hello fight simmers all over the world. I would like to take this time to explain the goals, mission, purpose, and function of MoTIS VJD. I am the CEO of MoTIS VJD and have created a new and exciting arena for flight simulation in forming the MoTIS MSFS concept aviation production team. To start MoTIS is a very unique idea in that it is one part MSFS third party design group, one part real world engineering team, one part virtual airline. MoTIS staff has taken the time to create an infrastructure and atmosphere of fun and excitement in the area of concept design and development of never before seen MSFS concept aircraft designs. We have embarked on a great and expansive mission to bring a truly new ideology to flight simulator. We believe in creativity at the highest level and want and hope that members of this great simulated community will understand that simulation has a real side where everyone want to simulate the real world of aviation down to the letter and we agree that reality should and is the focus of this great hobby but we also think that there is something missing form simulation. Over the years we have seen VA’s grow up on the internet and take on a complex life of there own. We have seen virtual pilots organization and third party development companies generate great businesses creating and designing Cessna’s and Lear jets but what we haven’t seen is a group take the philosophy that they would become a concept production company and design the flight simulation communities aircraft! We believe that this idea is one that we are on the road to providing. If the real world and the flight simulated world has drawn great parallels and for every real world VA there is a virtual one then why not have a full fledged virtual aircraft production company that strives to produce designs that are made for the MSFS simulating environment exclusively! When virtual airlines were first formed they had to pave out a history in order to get the very idea accepted by what are now millions of users of VA services. MoTIS and her subsidiaries are striving to accomplish the exact same thing. We want to design all concepts aircraft that are for the sole use of our (i.e. the flight simulating community in general) aircraft and designs! This can be a great time for simulation as designers and design companies can make great history and explore there own potential and creativity by designing, researching, testing, marketing, and finally selling there own designs! This in effect would make fight simulation more like the real world then ever in our humble opinions. So the greatest part of our mission is to give the simulation community the best that we have to offer in the area of concept design by giving them options, high quality, and exciting but realistic aircraft designs that could be built in the real world. Our marketing research has lead us to believe that we are in a unique position as a concept development team that is selling our neo concept designs. First doesn’t mean best but it can mean that we are in a way paving the future in concept designing and we hope that many other groups will follow our lead in designing and start concept design companies as this will only further legitimize this expanding area of the flight simulated industry as a whole! We wish everyone in this area good luck and we will continue to give you the best of, “Our own designs!”