Wednesday, 08. November 2006


So you think that you know luxury? Well the MoTIS development team is about to show you a great aircraft only known as the MAGNUM! We have been designing this one behind the scenes for the past few years and the MAGNUM will mark the changing of the MoTIS neo concept designing and previewing style once and for all! The MAGNUM as she is called is to be the most extensive neo concept ever developed. This aircraft will be a MoTIS FSREALITY dream liner!

The MAGNUM will seat 5-7 passengers and a standard crew of 2 and 1 standard cabin attendant!!!! The design of this aircraft is superb and the designed vision goes to O WATSON of the team MoTIS development staff. This aircraft is the co design work of Jen Guess and the entire MoTIS design staff. As far as the FS goodies that we will include in this fine aircraft she will be loaded beyond belief, with new gauges and massive luxury ware!!!

The MAGNUM will be a total glass cockpit and take advantage of a new XML gauge that team MoTIS is working on called the MoTIS CYCLO NAV, to preview soon!

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