The mission of each and every aircraft manufacturing company on the planet is to be the best. So each and every day real world and virtual aircraft manufacturing firms strive for competitive perfection in the design and development of new aerospace ideas and concepts. The mission is really very simple. Create ,produce ,test, and market the very highest quality product and bring to your customers in an on time fashion. The future of mass transport aviation will go to the aerospace company that can bring the cutting edge technology products to the consumer, and out shine the competitors for the moment, because they will make adjustments and keep coming. If they have what it takes that is?

 The story of the M 880 is a story of creativity let loose on a new future composed of composite technologies, increased ergonomic design, and a need to be the best while building the best! The M880 is the brain child of neo concept aircraft designer O Watson and represents an American call to stepping up to a wonderful European rival in the AIRBUS A 380. For years the Boeing 747 has been the king and lord of the skies, by being the biggest and fastest thing in the skies. That has now changed. With the A 3800 in the driver seat now, for the first time in American  aviation history, the stage belongs to a European power hitter.

The design masters at team MoTIS dose not like this one bit and so we have virtual stepped up to the challenge ( Virtual that is) to build a super transport of our own that will be of ultra high quality and bring a super exciting heavy hitting design, as we have coined her back to the good old USA!

The M 880 is now in the first stage development trail and we will be sharing with you our super new manufacturing dream facility! The Destiny Flight Labs. We are bring together several new PLM (Project Life Cycle development) mission objectives for the total online development of the unique aircraft! The M Line of aircraft from the MoTIS development labs are a wonderful line of  FSREALITY aircraft that are under development with in the MoTIS design mission and we are pushing the limit of virtual manufacturing on a daily bases.

Very soon you will be witness to what may become the very first totally developed neo concept aircraft of the future in a true to life online PLM format!

The M 880's, as they will become known to the world, will be the SJTA aircraft.

The Super Jumbo Transport Airliners. These will be a unique class of MoTIS neo concept developed aircraft that will be designed in standard configuration. This configuration will compose of a forward sweeping, high dihedral angled canard, along with twin vertical mounted high power turbofan engines. They will be fitted with aft mounted super critical wings and a super wide body streamlined fuselage design.


First stage prototype neo concept aircraft designed and developed by MoTIS Virtual Jet Design


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