Team MoTIS Designs Its 100th Neo Concept Aircraft

After years in the making, the team MoTIS neo concept mission reaches a true high point today with the development of our 100th neo concept aircraft! In 2002 team MoTIS started working toward a long and laborious road of helping bring the arena of neo concept design and development, with in the world of hobbyist flight simulation, to a respectable medium with the real world replication of aircraft for simulation.

We are now proud to say that we have done just that, along with the help of numerous developers willing to put a bit of themselves into the world of FSREALITY! The ancient old dialog of the fantasy definition system for concept aircraft has been fully replaced with the now current neo concept terminology!



While others have gone on from developing concept aircraft and into the world of standard aircraft modeling, the designers at team MoTIS have stayed true to the game of neo concept design and development are happy to report that we are here to stay and we have made a bit of actual flight sim history in being the first development group in flight simulator history to date to develop 100 never before scene or flown neo concept aircraft! We also say humbly that this is more aircraft then some real world aircraft companies have under their design belts, this is truly a grand achievement.

This is very special in the fact that we have designed all neo concept aircraft blue prints from scratch and conducted a real time flight testing mission along that way to provide our viewing public with content, real time historic evolution of and online virtual development company of the future! as we are the only development group on the internet to comprise this type of multiplicity and integrative neo concept mission , we hope that others will join us in a spirit of good will and friendship in the near future!

As we are just getting started in our development mission look for our next 100 designs to be in the area of SCI FI and space designs via the MoTIS ORBIT ZONE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT and with the coming of super SCI FI scenery sets. All in all you can expect even better quality neo concept aircraft in the future and team MoTIS will continue bring you the very best of "OUR OWN DESIGNS"!


MoTIS M100

We like to thank the entire simulation world for their continued support and ask that you take this time to welcome the 100th design from our minds and into the world of FS simulated REALITY, the MoTIS M100 M class airliner!

MoTIS M100 Completes Maiden Test Flight

(Houston, TX) "You arrive at Ellington Field Airport on your way to a destination somewhere in the U.S. You pass through security and head towards your boarding gate. Suddenly, you decide to look out the huge glass windows overlooking runway 35R. As you scan the area, you take notice of a new type of aircraft taxiing onto the runway, preparing for take-off. On the tail you take notice of the M100 denoting the aircraft and you realize that history is about to be made. As you continue to look on at this unique looking passenger liner, you begin to hear its powerful engines begin to whine as the aircraft begins its roll down the runway. It feels as if time is moving slow as the aircraft reaches its 140 kt take-off speed. Before you know it, the M100 blissfully rises into the air as its landing gear retracts as if a computer were controlling its every action."

This is just an example of the treat that spectators at the Ellington Field Airport experienced when Chief Test Pilot Kayamone A. Sutton (US Navy) flew the M100 twin jet engine passenger airliner, created by MoTIS Virtual Jet Design, into aviation history on her first flight testing her flight worthiness. This past weekend, the M100 continued making history as it successfully completed its second test flight. The aircraft underwent G-Force testing, maximum speed and altitude testing as well as a one engine out emergency landing, the final test of the evolution.

The M100 will complete its final test on Sunday on the VATSIM network. The aircraft will be making its maiden cross country flight for the public, proving its ability to serve as a reliable and highly durable passenger airliner well into the future. Please visit MoTIS' site ( for more information on the upcoming public displaying of the M100 passenger jetliner.

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