Welcome to the Future of Virtual Aviation…



Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of flying.  But only in the recent century has man been able to defy gravity and reach into the starry blue sky riding on wings of wood or fabric and now composite fiberglass.  The goal of man has always been to leave the earth and soar with the birds but not until the great exploits of the Wright brothers did man achieve this goal.  Aviation has always started in the imagination of the dreamer.  The dreamer in essence is the critical link between fantasy and reality.  As aviation pressed on many men and women contributed to the sum effort of bringing  fantasy into a stable reality for without these men and women the next step might not have been taken.  The only way for me to express to  you the reader what I am attempting to convey to you is to just say it.  Concepts are the backbone of  reality and imagination is the fabric by which the real sustains itself.  Today we all live in a world ruled in a sense by the airplane, a tool which has not only revolutionized mass transport but in one single stroke has closed the gaps of space and time.


Flight simulation is the next step in a continuing saga of man’s quest for flight.  Since the first flight simulator program was introduced to the public a whole new civilization was beginning to emerge.  A brotherhood so to speak of real world flyers, Sim enthusiasts, engineers, and computer ‘jocks’ all dedicated to the same cause:  FLIGHT!  The  modern world of flight simulation has become so complex that for every real world airline there is a virtual airline to match even its most complex inner workings.  Simulated airports and air traffic control systems as complex as any in the real world are rivaled in the simulated world.  Flight simulation which hails from real world flying has become simulated reality, but reality non-the-less; great and noble third party developers all over the internet have pooled their talents and creative endeavors to create this simulated reality.  Boeing, Cessna and Lear Jet can be proud of how accurately and how creatively designers have recreated their work and this brings me to the point of where I believe we can all go next.  Flight simulation is flying and running a virtual airline is managing labor force and assets, and men’s dreams.  Each and everyone of these things came after a great idea and a great concept.  I believe with all the CAD designing software available to us and all the flight Sim community looking at us we too can have a next great cutting edge in this simulated industry.  I believe this next  great cutting edge step is for us to create and accept our own designs



MoTIS VJD was formed by O. Watson and a small band of offline simulation enthusiasts who saw virtual aviation as potentially having a long life.  O. Watson has designed over 200 never before seen aircraft to bring to the flight simulation community.  It is my belief that we can help give this under-represented area of third party development the boost that it needs to be taken seriously by virtual pilots all over the  world.  We believe that the internet is a dynamic tool and that good ideas tend to catch on fast.  This is how come there is a Boeing and Cessna after there was a Wilbur and Orville Wright. A great idea just kept growing.  MoTIS is not claiming to be great, or trendy but MoTIS is claiming to be on the that faithful mission to start us accepting and flying and implementing our own aircraft into our world.  Every virtual airline on the net that flies a Boeing 727 or a Beech 1900 is carrying on the legacy of simulating reality but I humbly ask us to start flying M35s or whatever we can dream up so that we can be the foundation of a new reality, the virtual world reality.  For every  real aircraft that got recognition and is being simulated in cyberspace; there truly can be a concept aircraft that can move from our world and into reality.  For all of those who believe this can't be done every great industry has always had a neigh sayer and in the end the neigh sayers sit on the sidelines and miss the opportunity at creating reality.  MoTIS VJD doesn't want to miss its faithful date with reality so whether you’re a third party designer, a CEO, a virtual pilot or  you just love the idea of adding your input to shaping the next generation in virtual aviation help us add something new to our world.



The design engineers at MoTIS have one goal that they hope to accomplish and that is to strive for excellence in the total design of new and exciting aircraft for Flight-Sim 2002 and beyond!!!  However please understand that Please understand that the MoTIS neo concept development mission is not conducted for the exclusive goal of selling flight simulated aircraft. We are a full slated neo concept design and development group that is using the flight simulated environment to channel our unique concept designs for copyright and patenting. This is one of the very reasons that numerous MoTIS concept designs are not for sell as once sales of a concept has been started before patenting then all legal patenting would then be impossible! So we let you enjoy the virtual development of numerous designs and only release the ones that are not being considered for patent into the general community for sales and such. Also please understand that we are never going to redesign a real world aircraft because there are many companies out there who have already mastered this aspect of flight simulation design! Each new design concept will be developed for a specific aspect of the virtual aviation environment. So our design concepts will range from STOL aircrafts to major transport carrier aircraft used to run day to day operations at even the busiest Virtual Airline! So sit back and prepare to be amazed!!! As we embark on a journey that will give our great flight simulated industry the boost that will carry it into the future.


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