TAXING: The GRAVITON should be taxied below 15kts except for fast scramble takeoffs which can be taxied at 29kts and only partially loaded with weapons.

TAKE OFF: The take off procedure in the GRAVITON is tricky as the aircraft requires only 78% power on the N! gauge to get airborn. The power is added to N1 80% and the yoke is held back all the way! Once the speed reaches 92 kts ease the yoke forward a bit as the nose wheel will lift off the ground. Then apply power to N1 88% and the aircraft will climb at about 3000fpm , after which the power should be dropped to N1 77% for smooth climb. The thrust to weight ratio is greater then 1 so full power is never really need for takeoff. (The POH will contain more on standard operating procedures).

CLIMBS: Climbing in this aircraft is a dream until you hit turbulence! The airfile of this flight model is very sensitive to pitching and due to this factor this aircraft should be flown with finger tip pressure on the Yoke-processor. A standard climb is conducted at 20 degrees and 250kts under 10,000ft MSL.

DESCENTS: Descend at 1/4th power as you will see she drops like a brick! If you are tempted to descend at higher speeds be very careful of the G's you pull as she will ripe a part at 4g'swhen going over 600kts!

LANDINGS: Approach the airfield at 200 kts then reduce power to idle and trim for 140 kts! Yes fast is the only way in.. Trim a sink rate of 750-800 fpm and hold the yoke with a trimmed aircraft as you will need it for the flare!!!  ----   When on the ground add full air breaks  do not put the nose gear on the ground until you decelerate to under 80kts or you will find your self in a virtual hospital bed fast!

Note: THIS AIRCRAFT IS SUPER SENSITIVE TO CHANGES IN G's. So watch this gauge in the aircraft as much as any!

A more complex flight guide will be presented upon request.



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