As part of our FS aircraft development mission, we are soon to launch the full FSAVIATOR program for our offline sales aircraft! We are proud to say that we have finally developed over 70 different pilot figures! Not only do we have pilots, we have fire men and woman, police figures, fighter pilots in full metal jacket, doctors and surgeons and much more! We will be selling development figures for private aircraft developers at super low prices to increase work load at other design firms! No longer will you need to develop your own pilot figure as we will do it for you! FSAVIATOR development projects to start at $3.99 USD per pilot figure in a development kit! EULA's will be given on the freeware use and resale uses of our FSAVIATORS in your personal development projects! Team MoTIS will be the first in flight simulation history to launch such a program and you can say you saw it here first!!!

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Why make such a big deal about the man behind the machine you may say? Well here is why. Flight simulation is about making each an every thing that we see in the real world and simulating what we see, while making things as real as they get! The pilot behind the aircraft is an integral component of any flight simulated aircraft, but what about making the pilot figure real! A MoTIS FSAVIATOR is a well engineered virtual pilot figure that is the next phase of development in all MoTIS neo concept aircraft! An FSAVIATOR is not just a well clothed pilot in an aircraft but a virtual component of the MoTIS expansion mission! These characters will be designed to spec and have wonderful flying histories and careers! The Texture structure on our aviators will be very simple and we will be giving you major pilots in our HOR/VERT repaints venues making customization of your FSAVIATOR a snap!

 Welcome to the expanding adventures of the MoTIS FS AVIATORS! We have been waiting to open up this wing of the MoTIS expansion mission for some times now and are ready to do it big! What is the MoTIS FS AVIATOR? The MoTIS aviator is bringing the pilot in your aircraft to life so to speak! Its bring more functionality to the cockpit and creating great characters to be part of our neo concept mission!

There will be a host of different pilots to fly in our cockpits and so much more!  Team MoTIS is the very first development group to place what we are calling the super extended mission on the actual character development of the pilot in the aircraft! Not only will each of our pilots have a super character we are in fact the first group in the FSREALITY mission to bring the pilot of the cockpit to full and active life!!!

You may say that many in our great hobby and industry have already done this. We humbly say that the FSAVIATOR mission is a bit different then just rendering an exciting pilot in the cockpit! We want to create an innovative story to go along with each and every aviator and a detailed real time mission with our pilots!  Real in the since that no pilot fly's with the same cloths, or stuff in the aircraft each and every time? Well as team MoTIS is a neo concept development group we are able to build whole kits around just the pilot figure!!! As several of our new designs are just getting under way we can accurately create whole situations for just one pilot or may pilots of numerous aviator flight crews in question!


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