Over the past five years the MoTIS neo concept development team has been hard at work translating the brain child engineering works of neo concept aircraft designer O Watson. Otis has single handily (Virtually that is) taken the time to design a whole new military aviation asset for the coming future! All of the wonderful aircraft are the actual and factual verifiable work of design engineer Watson and are being presented as the first wave of a super fighting force known as "Fighter Town USA"! Fighter Town USA is a total mission to create the virtual military's air forces of the future! All aircraft would have to be brand new neo concept designs and based on all original work.

It has often been said that the more things change the more they stay the same! Here is a strong reason for why this may be as so. As far as aviation goes, technology leaps have to be safe, efficient, effective, and cost effective to boot! Flying saucers and way out VTOL designs of the future tend to be the stuff of science fiction but what you see in the real skies all over the planet is the truth of where aviation design will always be! In the realm of what is publicly practical!!!

Unfortunately progress is always slowed down by the practical, economical, political , and legal limits of what new technologies can be introduced into society... It must remain this way to keep society safe until the will and minds of way out and creative designers can create exotic yet safe modes of public transportation! Only then will the world of SCI FI meet the real world practical. Could you imagine the legal turmoil of a mass flying public with aviation being such a fragile endeavor any way? ??? YIKES...

 "The future belongs to what is realistic and practical"

This sub project with in the MoTIS development mission all represent a Hugh underlying vision with in the mind of Watson. Each of the aircraft were and are being developed and designed in real time and are under real time testing and virtual experimentation! The first line of fighters are all part of WAVE ONE of the mission. The full mission is composed of four WAVES so to speak. We will speak of that at a later date. So far we are able to present you with the core fighters of the future in the classes of fist wave attack fighters, Trainers of the future, air to ground fighter bombers, and long range research and or high altitude fighter bombers.

We will be building on a true mystery as time goes on so stay tuned for more as Fight Town USA unfolds....



The DARK LORD X was officially seen in the mind of neo concept designer O WATSON and was seen as a primary super multi-mission air to ground/ air to air , ARMY super fighter! The aircraft was seen as a true future replacement to modern ARMY tank busting choppers! The ARMY variant of the DARK LORD series is the only DLX fighter that is a true VTOL/SUPER STOL/ Whisper technology aircraft! The aircraft has retro jam blasting jet assisted anti-stall technology put into her o allow her to attack tanks and ground forces at ultra high angle of attacks with out stalling in an air to ground maneuver!

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The VISION works ATF program along with the MoTIS VIPER WORKS development mission is a full program designed to design the air dominance fighters of the future! The MF-70 VOX, is one of the worlds greatest design accomplishments. This aircraft while only in the concept development stages is to truly be one of the most versatile aircrafts on the planet! The whole concept of having and air dominance platform is to have an aircraft that can subdue any threat in ant region of the known world and be able to efficiently and effectively and s usual most cheaply attend to that threat in question.

The VOX  is designed for single pilot operations and a second training fight is already entering final development and is fully capable of super cruise supersonic flight. Designed by CAD engineers at MoTIS VJD and created by lead designer O Watson and J Guess this aircraft will have some awesome flight characteristics and many new concept technologies included! 

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The MoTIS SAVAGE is a super military neo concept design that has come out of the MoTIS VIPER WORKS!  The SAVAGE is using a MoTIS neo concept dual engine design that is two engines fitted to a quad sequenced exhaust diffuser! So even though you see four exhaust trials the aircraft only has two very powerful engines!  The aircrafts will be refitted with new parts and have flight performance adjustments to correct some reported stability issues uncovered in first stage testing... 


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The MEMET is a fast, small , and sleek little next generation air force pilot basic training aircraft that will be used to train future pilots and will become a neo standard in the VEDA/ECATA training core that we are developing. This aircraft is the sole design work of O. WATSON. The MEMET shares the same evolution as the entire fleet of MoTIS neo concept designs and the MEMET is to say the least a very stylish aircraft indeed.

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Enter aircraft flight testing data




The MF 601-TA was born on March 5th 2002 in the mind of design engineer O.Watson. the aircraft is designed to be a standard transition aircraft to the MF-1A and other heavy fighter aircraft. The 601 went into production on April 7th 2002 and will be followed by the 602 and the 602TB The MF 601 is to enter service in June of 2003 before the release of the MF-1A.

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The MoTIS DAGGER is designed and developed by team MoTIS to be a first stage trainer and light attack/observation platform fighter! The DAGGER is a single pilot operations aircraft that is to be developed for three basic variants and one super extreme fighting version.

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The BARRACUDA is a super ATG tank buster! The Advantage of have a super sonic ATG aircraft that is light weight and mulit-iordinance capable is that you can strike hard and fast and then make a super sonic B- line into the wild blue yonder!

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 The REUFIN started its career as a concept of developing a super long range bomber with the capacity to fly at super high altitudes and for very long airtimes. The REUFIN was never really designed to be a fighter bomber until the design staff at team MoTIS thought about the long range logistical missions that a fighter bomber could have on the total reduction of mission cost! The idea is to have a bomber squad that dose not need a fighter escort for all practical purposes!



The history on this aircraft as well as all other MoTIS developed aircraft is one of interest! The SLANTER was official developed in March of 2004 and was placed in what all our viewers known know as the BLUE FOLDER! We kept this design there, as designing disks and other shapes like this in truth is to easy and requires very little design imagination. In most respects these kinds of aircraft tend to design themselves , as once you get the basic shapes hammered out there is not much more that can be done to make a design  any more pleasing then it already is as a disk!!! The SLANTER is, as all lift bodies are, an aircraft wing in itself of sorts. She has only one major advantage as a truly efficient aircraft and that would be in the area of development cost and fuel efficiency and that in itself would make this a great research study aircraft.

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The MoTIS ENSURECTAR is one of the most unique neo concept aircraft in the MoTIS inventor cache. As team MoTIS exists as a total neo concept production and real time testing division we have designed a great stealthy , high altitude, long range bomber.  This aircraft is not designed to be a fighter, or interceptor but a strike air dominance bombing specialist The V WAVE as she is know as by MoTIS Beta testers is among numerous neo concept bomber concepts that we have in the 2D-3D translation boards but this aircraft is very different because she is designed to perform so many duties associated with the old school S.A.C (Strategic Air command bombers fleets).

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The Black Magic was seen in the mind of a talented designer on March 17th 1994 and was drawn up in a rude and fast way on a piece of tissue paper so as not to forget the image that was seen by the minds eye.




The MF 108 INSEAD is only one of the over 400 neo concept aircraft that MoTIS design factory is working on behind the scene and  is designed for single pilot operation but a trainer version has been designed also. The trainer seats two pilots in tandem. The INSEAD -pronounced (IN-SAID), will be designed in four variants. The MF 108 A, B , C , and the D, with three variant specifications X1, X2, and X3. The aircraft is in hanger 32 at the infamous IMAGINE X ROW. This aircraft will be used as a next generation neo concept primary strike fighter ( Virtually that is) by many countries of the Unite Nations as it is cost effective and will suit the needs of many countries as it is easy to repair having low operations cost.

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The MoTIS MOSARK is a first full virtual USA developed neo concept aircraft for a virtual foreign European mission! As the MoTIS development mission strives to mimic the real world development agenda (FSREALITY), team MoTIS develops never before seen or flown neo concept aircraft for numerous aeronautics functions. The MOSARK is our example of a fully developed Eastern bloc development project that is to be a sole European design conception No USA flight colors beyond the testing model! This aircraft is the total design work of Jennifer Guess and O Watson. Jen was lead developer on this design project! The MOSARK will have a few unique variants that will be developed over the MoTIS design history in which this aircraft will be layer out in!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be mindful that all of these aircraft have come out of the mind of O. Watson and are the sole intellectual property of Mr. Watson. No aircraft may me reproduced or used in any way without the written permission of Mr.. Watson. These are concept aircraft and do not represent the copying of modeling of any real world aircraft manufacturer what so ever. All aircraft and virtual technology represent the sole authored work of O. Watson and the team MoTIS design and development mission exclusively.

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