Team MoTIS as a concept pioneer is going to be offering the CDA award for a neo concept designer in the area of total concept design and development. This award will be given at random for a great neo concept design work in this category and as this genre is starting to reach critical mass, we will be awarding all efforts that are rated in creating a totally professional design from scratch that is totally developed from the ground up! All aircraft must have textures, custom panels, VC cockpits, and animations! Each aircraft will be chosen by a panel of three judges and will be picked based on talent in a design area, design creativity, a fully developed neo concept aircraft, and extra perks included in your creation! A full layout and award to post at your respective website will be given and as we are now lobbying with other developers we will get you prizes for your efforts also! As the concept development genre grows beyond its present state we will be more frequent with the distribution of the CDA award. We have officially slated the creation date of this fine award as November 5 2005. In order to qualify for an award all neo concept aircraft must be released in to the public forum after November 5 2005, as no current neo concept aircraft developed before this time will achieve any awards even for updated to older designs.

As team MoTIS has personally been building a true arena for concept aviation via simulations over the last four years and as we have designed and developed over 100 never before seen or flown neo concepts to date, we will be selecting individual developers work from the public domain to award for their hard work and contributions to a developing neo concept cache of neo concept aircraft! So do a great job and as we get the program set up and in full motion, we will labor and lobby to get you some of your favorite add on's from great developers as prizes for all your great efforts!

This is an awards event that will be taking place now and forever!

All winners please cut and paste the CDA award to your respective websites along side your aircraft in question. We will contact you with 48 hours concerning additional prizes and such.


Concept neo aircraft designers all over the internet, get ready for a totally new development category! The Concept Developers award is about to be expanded in a major way! The MoTIS design and development staff has finally decided to open the CDA award category, to open the prestigious award up to a whole new category of aircraft out side of the standard true neo concept aircraft category! So if you are designing real world concept aircraft in the proof of concept stage, then wait no longer, as the coveted developers award can be yours!

Rule section:000-01 Revision date-March 10 2007

Under the new CDA award rules as of March 10 2007, in order to qualify for an CDA award all neo concept aircraft must be released in to the public forum after November 5 2005, as no current neo concept aircraft developed before this time will achieve any awards even for updated to older designs. Designers may create the real world replicated designs of a real concept design, experimental aircraft, and or a experiment kit aircraft! The aircraft must contain finished VC and 2D panels in keeping the the highest quality and industry standards for a standard recreated real world design.

IMPORTANT PRIMARY NOTICE: As we are extending this category a new CDA graphics award is being constructed! We are asking that all winners use the old graphic display award until we release the new award. We will also be offering a virtual certificate for all winning designs! Also remember that as this is an award that our online judges scan the web for exciting designs every day, that the only thing that you can do to win this award is to do a super job in the concept or experiment design category and be assured that we are watching and we will find you! Just post your work on any of the numerous mainstream FS sites with a return email and our panel of judges will contact you! Each of our previous winners have been contacted this way and they can assure you that we are fair and exacting in our judgments for this category.



IMPORTANT STANDING NOTICE: Not one of the winners designs in this award category belongs to team MoTIS or the MoTIS development mission in any way. We ( TEAM MoTIS) is providing concept or experimental designs all over the net, in the category of MSFS concept design, with this famed award for an accomplishment of a new and original neo concept design and or a experimental aircraft in a real world modeling category. We have no intentions to claim, use, or reproduce the work of any designer what so ever and only hope to foster an expansive love for the development of concept and experimental designing online or otherwise. MoTIS has a ZERO tolerance policy for any foolishness of any kind what so ever. If you who win this award act in any socially demeaning way in the social environment, then we will take this award away from you in keeping with the total quality that we hope to achieve in the dissemination of such an associative award. All members of the CDA award are joining an elite online group of people who dare to dream beyond the limits of others minds and inventions, and contribute something of themselves to the world and for that we are offering all services of the FRIENDS OF MoTIS to you as part of your award induction. We request that all concept designers conduct an intensive online search as to possible patents of other designers before you start creating anything, so that others will not try to accuse you of copying, copyright infringing, or patent infringement  their respective works. Also remember that many different people can come up with similar designs even after never seeing your stated designs,  so please be mindful of violation of any and all work of others in any way, so as to maintain a spirit of true professionalism and good spirit.  Please remember that designing and creating never before seen or flown concepts is a very different thing then redesigning or legally copying someone else's original design or work. So we ask that you please get all permission before you build someone's work and understand that any and all of your own original work is your eternal copyright, so please do your home work on any and all designs that you plan in a concept development category, so as not to be falsely accused of copyright infringement. The members of team MoTIS strives for excellence in every thing we do and if you cheat or plagiarize, or slander others in any way once attain this award, then at our discursion we will take this award back from you and post a full and public press release as of why. If how ever you are honest, honorable and creative and original then you should have a great time winning numerous awards that actually mean something in the world of flight simulation or otherwise..

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