AIRCRAFT DESIGN By Brian Gladden  Texture repaint by team MoTIS VASTYLES painting staff


Real world SAFIRE JET  Safire Jet

Maximum Cruise 380 knots
Maximum Operating Altitude 41,000 ft
Maximum Range 1,300 nm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 6,250 lbs
Maximum Payload 1,400 lbs
Useful Load 2,455 lbs
Takeoff Distance 2,500 ft
Landing Distance 2,500 ft
Stall Speed 69 kt
Approach Speed 90 kt
Twin Engine Climb Rate 2,900 ft/min
Single Engine Climb Rate 880 ft/min
Useable Fuel Capacity 248 U.S. gal
Fuel Burn 40.7 gph
Aircraft Dimensions.
External Height 15.0 ft
External Length 36.3 ft
Wingspan 39.4 ft,
Cabin Height 55.0 in
Cabin Length 13.9 ft
Cabin Width 56.5 in

NOTICE: We will not be using any MoTIS developed virtual technologies for this development mission. This will be the first total real world simulated mission with in the MoTIS NEO CONCEPT mission. This is not a freeware VA development mission. You will need to head on over to our good friend at ABACUS and get your aircraft out of the virtual hanger to operate with in the virtual infrastructure of this AIR TAXI corporation!

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